Engage Estero has worked hard to assist families suffering hardship and heartbreak following Hurricane Ian. 

Engage Estero leaders Jim Shields and John Quin organized a 2-day gathering on November 5 and 6 at Riverwoods Plantation on West Broadway. The purpose was to provide a modicum of handholding and information. Hot meals, social interaction, and helpful information were also provided directly to those in the West Broadway area affected by the horrible event of hurricane Ian.

A list of organizations providing Hurricane Ian assistance is available at the link below.

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The “New York Times” Underscores the Comments Made at the Recent Engage Estero’s Public Forum on Health

Where to Find Important Healthcare Information

Where to Find Important Healthcare InformationFinding a primary care or specialty doctor can be confusing and challenging if you are new to the Southwest Florida region, have been here for a few months, or are a long-time, year-round resident. This Naples Daily News...

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Low hanging tree limbs impact fire safety!

Low hanging tree limbs impact fire safety!

Low Hanging Limbs Damage Fire EquipmentLow hanging tree limbs along access roads cause preventable damage to the community's fire equipment. Not only does this waste community funds on repairs, it could possibly cause delay and unnecessary difficulty for firefighters...

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