Miromar Outlets

Lee County Sheriff’s  Community Outreach Center

Located in Suite 190 of the Miromar Outlets on Corkscrew Road in Estero, the Lee County Sheriff’s Miromar Community Outreach Center aims to serve the greater Estero area. The center is a way to get to know the services and people of the Sheriff’s Office, which provides safety and emergency response services to our area. It is provides services to local non-profits, supports County animal shelters, and hosts community meetings of import to our area.

Miromar Sheriffs Outreach Center

Animal Adoption

Shelter adoption events including Mall Mutts, Woof Walk, and more help overwhelmed shelters find forever homes for cats and dogs.

Monthly instruction in basic self-defense techniques for women ages 13+. 

Students learn vehicle dynamics, safe driving practices and responsible decision making through the classroom and driving exercises. Students participate in “The Seatbelt Convincer” (an interactive simulator) geared towards simulating a 5-7 mile per hour crash. https://leesyal.org/teen-driver-challenge/ 

Partnering with non-profits to provide visibility and assistance in serving our community.

Supplies We Need
  • Towels (cloth and paper),
  • blankets,
  • washcloths,
  • disinfectant and disinfectant wipes,
  • trash bags (13 gallon and 55 gallon),
  • mops and buckets,
  • squeegees,
  • bleach,
  • sponges & scrub pads,
  • laundry detergent,
  • Dawn dishwashing liquid,
  • dog and cat toys (especially toys for “heavy chewers”),
  • harnesses and leashes,
  • potty pads,
  • dog and cat treats (unopened, please),
  • puppy/kitten replacement milk,
  • cat litter and litter boxes,
  • pet-grooming supplies,
  • large Nylabones,
  • Kong toys,
  • Isopropyl alcohol, Hydrogen peroxide,
  • garden hoses and spray nozzles,
  • baby bottles with 0-3 month nipples,
  • pet crates (any size),
  • stainless steel food and water bowls,
  • nylon brooms,
  • cat scratch pads and towers,
  • latex and non-latex gloves,
  • home-improvement store gift cards and
  • distilled water.

Year-round supply collection for local animal shelters. Drop off your donations to assist our packed shelters here in Lee County.

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