The ECCL endorses the following article prepared by John Cassani the Calusa Waterkeeper. A key strategic focus for the ECCL is also water quality, pollution and the sustainability of our water supply. This becomes more and more important as our population in the greater Estero area continues to grow.

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“For generations, Floridians have worshiped Florida’s iconic waters. They are likely the reason many people came to Florida, to swim, fish, paddle, ski, dive and enjoy all forms of watery recreation under sunny skies.

Florida waters have always instilled some special recognition. As legend has it, Ponce de Leon, the 16th century explorer, declared that he had discovered the mystical fountain of youth, in what is now Punta Gorda, Florida.

There is hardly a creek or river without a child’s swing rope, a dock without a dive platform or innertube that made lasting memories for Floridians. These memories bonded countless residents to the state’s waters and perhaps why waterfront living is so sought after.”  

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