Research and Reports


Our Research and Reports highlights Engage Estero’s commitment to producing original research, objective reporting, and tracking development in the greater Estero area throughout the decades. Each report outlines community issues such as new and planned developments, environmental changes, healthcare, urbanization, and the impact of these factors on the community. The goal is to keep residents informed and engaged with the changes affecting Estero.

Greater Estero Community Report

It is our goal to provide you with a timely and comprehensive summary of key issues affecting our community and details on advocacy initiatives undertaken, to sustain and enhance the quality of life for all residents in the greater Estero area. Click an issue below to read the quarterly report.

Greater Estero Community Report Qtr1, 2024<br />

February 2024

  • New and Planned Developments
  • Road Developments
Greater Estero Community Report Qtr1, 2024<br />

April 2024

  • Estero’s Sense of Place
GECR Qtr 2 2002

March 2023

  • Environmental Changes and Dangers to our Water
GECR Qtr 2 2002

May 2023

  • Healthcare Changes and How they Will Affect You
GECR Qtr 2 2002

September 2023

  • Recent and New Developments Planned or Under Construction
  • Transportation and Infrastructure Developments
The Impact of Urbanization on Greater Estero - GECR cover

November 2023

  • The Impact of Urbanization on Greater Estero
GECR Qtr 2 2002

January 2022

  • World Class Musical Talent
  • FGCU Day
  • Essay Contest
GECR Qtr 2 2002

April 2022

  • Dangers of Cane Toads
  • Mental Distress in Children During COVID-19
  • How residents can help to improve our water quality in greater Estero
GECR Qtr 2 2002

September 2022

  • Recent and New Developments Planned in the Greater Estero Area
  • Latest Transportation and Infrastrusture News
GECR Qtr 2 2002

December 2022

  • Resident Survey Results
  • A Blueprint for Change
Workforce Housing

February 2022 Special Report

Why we need workforce housing in the Greater Estero area

protect and preserve

January 2021

Combating Climate Change
Education in Estero

safety is a priority of the ECCL

April 2021

Pedestrian Safety
Fire Department Response Times
Hurricane Readiness

East Corkscrew Construction

September 2021

East Corkscrew Road Developments
Growth Impact on Roads, Schools

East Corkscrew Construction

November 2021

Greater Estero Virtual Information Center
FGCU: A Gift to the Area
Lee Health Building Project

protect and preserve

January 2020

Protecting and Preserving Paradise


April 2020

Residents Survey Results
Veterans Services

bike paths

August 2020

Bike and pedestrian paths
Water Supply & Quality


November 2020

Dangerous Algae Cocktail
LHCP Observation Unit

Estero Development Report Archive 


The People of Ukraine are in our Prayers

The People of Ukraine are in our Prayers

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