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Safety Council

Engage Estero Safety Council is made of volunteers serving as a voice for the citizens of greater Estero on safety and transportation priorities and issues. We advocate for related solutions to Village, County, and State Government organizations.

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Driving Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility!

Driving Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility!

One of the major causes of vehicular accidents is distracted driving. We have entered the “100 Deadliest Days” - the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day when fatal teen crashes increase dramatically. Parents are the best line of defense to ensure a safe ride!...

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Corkscrew Road: What is going on, and when?

Corkscrew Road: What is going on, and when?

Corkscrew Road: What is going on, and when? (Written by Mark Novitski, Consultant to Engage Estero) Updated May 2024 Corkscrew Road Updates Corkscrew Road Widening – Jump to: Ben Hill Griffin to the East side of Bella Terra East side of Bella Terra to Alico Road Three...

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Environment Council

Engage Estero Environment Council is a volunteer group focusing on improving water and air quality and mitigating and eliminating the effects of climate warming in greater Estero.

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Health Council

Engage Estero Community Health Council comprises health* and safety-minded volunteers who think about community health comprehensively with a common desire to improve the overall health of the citizens of greater Estero.

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The “Skinny” On Obesity

The “Skinny” On Obesity

By Robert P. Belin, M.D. Chairperson, Health and Wellness Breckenridge, Golf and Tennis Club, and member of Engage Estero’s Health Council For the first time, the FDA has approved medication for weight loss! So, why is this important and in the news non-stop? It’s...

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Education Council

Engage Estero mobilizes volunteers in our schools, sponsors scholarships, and promotes the involvement of the community through announcements and public forums.

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Updates on Issues of Impact

Engage Estero believes the best way to get a community involved is to make sure they are aware of the issues impacting their future, and know how to impact those decisions before they are made. We conduct and publish original research and articles aimed at getting residents Engaged.

Current Planned Developments in Greater Estero

Updated: February 2024
County Development Map

You will see from this latest “round-up” of the developments in and around greater Estero that various new initiatives will be starting in the coming months. Significant residential and commercial developments are planned within the Village boundary over the next 2 to 3 years.

The Engage Estero team recognizes the concerns many residents have been expressing about the collective impact of these developments on our traffic density, water usage, available healthcare facilities, local schools, etc. To respond to citizen interests and better appreciate residents’ views, we will conduct a Public Forum on Public Forum on Estero’s Future – Learn the Impact of Urbanization & Development & How It Affects Greater Estero in the Fall.

Regarding the continued developments planned along East Corkscrew Road, the total population seems likely to reach 57,000 in 10-15 years.  This total would include the new planned developments by Kingston and FFD (GL Homes) along East Corkscrew Road.

Note: The Kingston Development (not listed above) will involve approximately 10,000 new homes with a population estimate of 22,000. The FFD development will involve about 5,208 residential units (single-family and multi-family) with a population estimate of almost 11,500. Thus, the combined population from these two developments will be 33,500.

Developments along East Corkscrew Road /Alico Road/ North of Estero Parkway

The Centro Apartments

near Three Oaks Parkway, North of Alico Road

The Centro Apartments are located near Three Oaks Parkway and just northeast of Alico Road, close to I75. The Geis Companies paid $4.5 million in October 2021 for the land. The elevator shafts were installed earlier this year and opened in May 2023.

The 264 units have one to three bedrooms and private balconies. Other planned amenities include a clubhouse, event center, theater, two-story fitness room, indoor and outdoor yoga studio, salon, courtyard with a pavilion, outdoor kitchen, pool, fire pit, walking path, Koi Pond, fresh community garden, and games.

Kingston Project

The Kingston Project

East of Verdana Village

In June 2022, Lee County Commissioners approved an extensive development after initially denying Corkscrew Grove Limited Partnership a limestone rock mine proposed for the same spot along Corkscrew Road. The homes will be built on over 6,000 acres of property extending from south of Corkscrew Rd. to SR-82.

The proposed development by Cameratta Companies will include 10,000 dwelling units, a 240-unit hotel, 700,000 square feet of commercial use, and 3,287 acres of restoration, conservation, and flow way. The proposed density on the site will be 1.5 dwelling units per acre.

The property, used for agriculture, extends south of Corkscrew Road to State Road 82, bordering conservation lands such as CREW and the Imperial Marsh Preserve.

Development conditions of the project include open space, a human-wildlife coexistence plan, a central irrigation system, and hydraulic connections to provide an opportunity to improve flood control in the Wildcat Farms neighborhood.

The property is in a DR/GR area (Density Reduction/Groundwater Resource). The DR/GR is just east of Estero and was established jointly in 1990 by the State of Florida and Lee County to protect the principal water supply for most of Southwest Florida, including both Estero and Bonita Springs, as Fort Myers and other towns.


Stay informed on developments impacting the Greater Estero Area by subscribing to the Engage Estero email list.

Regional Context

Concerns have been expressed about the guidelines of the Environmental Enhancement and Preservation Communities Overlay (EEPCO). It encompasses properties critical to providing regional benefits, such as re-establishing wetlands, flow ways, hydrology, and wildlife corridors within southeast Lee County. The overlay provided an opportunity to achieve the environmental objectives by allowing for higher residential density in exchange for developer commitments to provide regional benefits.

While the project, according to Dan DeLisi (A Consultant with DeLisi Fitzgerald, Inc., a multi-service consulting firm with specialties in land use planning and civil engineering), is said to be consistent with the DRGR and meets nearly every criterion of the EEPCO, others disagree.

These issues have been under review in the courts. An update on the situation was published in November 2022 by Gulfshore Business and can be reviewed via this link. No ruling on the issues under review has yet been made. https://www.gulfshorebusiness.com/corkscrew-road-development-settlement-agreement-awaits-final-ruling/

A YouTube opinion summary of the issues relating to this development can also be seen by clicking here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXbTwrEBAr0

If you add the proposed plans for Kingston and the Florida Farms Development (GL Homes), the total will be an additional 15,000 homes (an increased population of approximately 33,000 on top of what is expected from the existing developments)) over the next 15 years. The total number of residents along East Corkscrew Rd, if Kingston and FFD are built to the maximum allowed, will therefore amount to an estimated population on East Corkscrew of over 57,000, as indicated previously.

It should be noted that Cameratta Companies stated they would incorporate necessary environmental and water runoff safeguards into their plans. This includes removing a levy that impedes the water runoff from NE to SW. In addition, the developer plans to build a 2-lane boulevard each way from Corkscrew Rd to Ste Rte. 82 is working with the Lee County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and the Lee County Department of Transportation to extend the Corkscrew Road widening Phase III to Kingston.

The MPO has also moved up the construction of the Alico Rd Connector from State Rte. 82 that could send some traffic North rather than down Corkscrew. However, many residents will likely want to travel to I-75 in an East-West direction. However, the impact of the additional population will still be felt mainly along East Corkscrew Road.

FFD (Florida Farms Development) Project 

FFD is a 5,208-acre site on the south side of Corkscrew Road, just east of Corkscrew Shores and west of Six L’s Farm Road. GL Homes will develop the area consisting of farm fields, uplands, and wetlands.

The proposed project includes the following:

  • 5,208 residential units (single-family and multi-family) 1 unit per gross acre
  • 100,000 square feet of commercial uses
  • 240,000 square feet of amenity area use
  • Existing agricultural services, including 50,000 square feet of research and development

According to GL Homes Traffic Impact Statement, there would be 42,401 new daily trips from this project. The peak hour trips would be approximately 4,300 (in and out at the evening peak hour, around 5 PM.)

Verdana Village

on East Corkscrew

Verdana Village, a Cameratta Companies operation, is now well under development with homes by Lennar and Pulte Homes showcasing several collections of homes styles and footprints. Home prices are in the $500K-$1M range.

Verdana Village is a large community in area terms and provides indoor and outdoor tennis, pickleball, and basketball courts.

There are resort pools and many other amenities. In addition, residents have a Publix-anchored retail shopping center outside the front gates. Heartland Dental and other tenants will join Publix, providing a range of onsite shopping. When completed, The Shoppes at Verdana Village will have over 78,000 square feet of grocery, retail, medical, and dining with additional space for lease.

verdana village

River Creek (formerly Corkscrew Crossing)

by GL Homes

The new community within the Estero Village boundary will consist of 395 acres and 544 single-family homesites, bounded by Corkscrew Road to the North, Wildcat Run to the West, The Preserve, and Bella Terra to the East. The homes will include single-family homes, twin villas, townhomes, and condominiums. Two hundred acres will be set aside as a preserve.

Homes comprise one and two-story home designs featuring a selection of standard luxury features. Floorplans range from approximately 1,900 to over 4,300 square feet, including up to five bedrooms, master suites upstairs or downstairs, 2-3 car garages, and flexible living spaces.

The community features several lakes, and over half the acreage is dedicated to undeveloped preserves. This residential community will have three phases, with a common recreation area. River Creek’s GL Homes’ grand opening will be on Aug. 27. The new home designs will range from the $600s and up.

River Creek Site Plan

The Grove at Portofino Vineyards

The Grove is an apartment community in Lee County, north of Estero Parkway, just off Three Oaks Parkway, opposite Athenian Charter School in the 33967 ZIP Code. The Lee attendance zone serves this area. This apartment community was built in 2020 and has three stories with 312 units.

Shopping Center

east of Corkscrew Shores and south of Corkscrew Rd

Developers are considering providing retail stores in a parcel of land east of Corkscrew Shores. This parcel is located within unincorporated Lee County, just beyond Corkscrew Shores – also in unincorporated Lee County.

It would help to relieve pressure on East Corkscrew Road by reducing the volume of traffic heading west to the stores around Miromar Outlets, Grand Oaks, and University Highlands. It could include Publix as the anchor store. More information will be provided when more details become clear. Protecting the surrounding potable water wells near this development area will be necessary.

Corkscrew Shores

New Estero Fire Rescue Station

on East Corkscrew Road

The Estero Fire Station had its “soft” opening on Feb 27th, 2023. Estero Fire Rescue has provided a YouTube Video that illustrates the various facilities that are available on-site. Check out the information by clicking here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8idC94YtHlw

The new Estero Fire Station 45 on East Corkscrew is almost finished.

The “state of the art” fire station is a welcome and essential facility for east Corkscrew Road residents. Not only will response times to an emergency be significantly reduced, but the availability of a Lee County EMS ambulance on site will also enhance the response times for emergency medical situations. As with other Estero Fire and Rescue Fire Stations, firefighters will be 24-7 on-site, and those stationed there will have available: living quarters, kitchen facilities, a day room for relaxing, and a patio area.

It’s exciting times for East Estero (unincorporated Lee County) – said Estero Marketing & Ad Agency Olympia Marketing. Having been raised in Estero and watched it go from only cow pastures to the explosion of development in the last 25 years (and it’s only accelerating). According to current Estero and Lee County plans, approximately $6 BILLION in infrastructure is planned for South Lee County, Estero and East Estero over the next 4-5 years. 


Residential Developments within The Village of Estero

Northwest Corner of Estero Parkway and Ben Hill Griffin

Although The Hoffmann Group has indicated they would like to build a 150-room Hotel and small conference center on this site, no firm plans have yet been agreed.

FGCU Parkway and Ben Hill Griffin Road

The land which has been cleared at the North Entrance to FGCU on Ben Hill Griffin was to house an alum center for FGCU. However, other ideas are now being considered, including a conference center or performing arts center.

FGCU has for some time identified the need for an “on-campus” hotel/lodging/conference center; although not confirmed, FGCU could develop it with that in mind. No firm conclusions have been reached at this time. The planned development on the site is part of the Master Plan (designated as “Outreach District 3”) to connect the University more with the local community.

Engage Estero will provide updates when specific plans have been submitted.

East Side of US 41 near Pelican Sound Blvd

A 219-unit complex is being proposed for the location in the following map. It will be a Carmargo mixed-use development. The company is applying to the Village PBDB to allow a maximum of 219 Multi-Family Residential Dwelling Units on the 11+/- acre parcel located on the north side of Pelican Sound Dr.

The initial presentation on July 25th at the PZDB meeting was considered unimpressive and will need several modifications to move forward. There was significant pushback by residents of the Meadows. The key objection was traffic at the intersection of Pelican Sound and US 41. Mary Gibbs did indicate that a traffic light may be installed in the future because of the development of the Northpoint property on the East side of US 41. This puts the Pelican Sound intersection into the traffic pattern study along with Coconut Road and Williams Road. We should advocate for a comprehensive review of  US 41 in Estero.

Estero Crossing

Estero Crossing -Stock Residential and Commercial Project

Located on the south side of Corkscrew Road, between Three Oaks Parkway and I-75, Estero Crossing (east of Lowes) will feature 306 apartments and 60,000 square feet of retail shops. It will be positioned closest to Corkscrew Road and include six three-story luxury apartment buildings.

Vertical construction is well underway. The commercial space will be pedestrian-friendly, with brick-paver walkways, benches, and lush landscaping. Various businesses have expressed interest in the high-traffic corridor, including restaurants with indoor and outdoor seating, other entertainment venues, boutique-style shops, and even health and wellness offices and studios. Current tenants include Chicken Salad Chick, Crisp and Green, Dunkin, Oak and Stone, Orange Theory, Restore Cryotherapy, Sherwin Williams, Affordable Dentures, The Joint, and Bubbakoos. Others that will soon be available are Estero Eye, Orange Theory Fitness, My Salon, Burritos, Dunkin, and Batteries Plus.

Estero Crossing

Downtown Estero on Broadway and US 41.

The development order for the 34-acre property east of U.S. 41 in Estero, north of Broadway Avenue, East and west of the railroad tracks, was approved by the Village’s planning, zoning, and design board in April 2023. The Indiana-based developer Buckingham Co., responsible for the project, proposes three multistory buildings at 100 units each. There will be 200,000 square feet of nonresidential, and 125-room hotel approved several years ago through Lee County.

The developer plans on using just 30,000 square feet of the nonresidential land-use entitlement. Two buildings will be mixed-use with 5,000 square feet of nonresidential uses on the ground level. In contrast, the third building will house community amenities, including a public pocket park, two pickleball courts, a pool area, and a public passive park at Broadway Avenue.

The Reserve at Coconut Point (formerly Edera)

This development (a four-story, 180-apartment community) on Williams Road and Via Coconut is now complete.

The nicely landscaped development is on 13 acres at the southeastern corner of Williams Road and Via Coconut Point, just east of the Hertz Global Headquarters. Miami-based 13th Floor Investments have developed the project. The various-sized apartments have an outdoor pool, fitness center, dog park, resident lounge, and more.

Genova: The Last Phase of the Development

What began as a private gated community of luxury condominiums inspired by the Italian Riviera, Genova, is now getting ready to debut its final phase. The plan for additional condominiums has been amended to 40 brand-new luxury villas and townhomes. Open-concept floor plans with gourmet kitchens and outdoor living spaces are just some of the features that will be included. The resort-style amenities include lake and clubhouse views.

The townhomes will feature two garage spaces per unit, varied massing, multiple building volumes and varied building heights, and shallow roof pitches with barrel tile as material and wide overhangs. Attached balconies with decorative metal railings, square openings with an occasional archway, and architectural features with roof cupolas, corbels, and clay tile vents are also expected. CC Homes will build the villas, which will be two stories and 2,500 square feet.

Genova Gate Access Modification. Genova wishes to manage gate access with cameras and remote actions as a significant cost-saving strategy. The discussion was polarized and will involve HOA bylaws and approval thresholds (75%). The Village PZDB approved the change on July 25th.


The Colonnade (on the north side of Corkscrew Road, opposite Genova)

Although the Colonnade was planned as the first Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) in Estero, the property, which involves 21.45 acres, was put back on the market in June 2023 and is now for sale.


Via Coconut (via Coconut on the west side of Genova)

This is a new 20-Acre development on the West Side of Via Coconut, south of Corkscrew Road.

The development proposed includes 330 multi-family dwelling units, 29,600 square feet of commercial use, and a 10,000-square foot church or alternative commercial use.

The commercial development will likely include an Animal Clinic, Banks and Financial institutions, a Bar, a Broadcast Studio (Commercial Radio and Television), and cinemas and theaters. Community Gardens and a public dog park on the south side of the property are also included in the plans.

Other options being considered for the development include restaurants, convenience food and beverage store, a Cultural facility, a Day Care Center, and Drugstore. A hardware store, Household and Office Furnishings, Insurance Company, Dry-cleaning and Laundry Services, Library, Post Office, and Medical or Dental Lab.

Estero 5, LLC presented their request for a development order for Via Coconut’s mixed-use development of 330 multi-family units, 27,310 square feet of commercial uses, and a one-acre public park on Via Coconut Point across from Genova at the July 11th PZDB meeting.

The public amenities include a dog park, pocket park, meandering multi-use path, fishing pier with a bike rack, and the one-acre park being donated to the Village.  Their plans call for multi-family buildings, commercial with potential restaurants and retail, and the park.

They will have a mixture of lakes, stormwater vaults, a filter marsh, and two access points on Via Coconut with future pedestrian and vehicular access to the west. There was a lengthy discussion regarding drainage. The Board approved the plans with staff stimulations.

The following link shows the details of the planned development.


Via Coconut

Coconut Landing

The development is located off Coconut Road, ¼ mile from the Coconut Point Hyatt Resort next to El Dorado Acres. Coconut Landing will have 25 single-family homes. Fifteen homes had been completed by the end of March 2023, with the remainder to follow shortly after.  Key features include open-concept floor plans, customizable outdoor living with a private pool, and exclusive Coconut Point Hyatt Resort VIP membership.

West Bay Club

West Lake Court at the West Bay Club will have 26 Luxury Villa Single Family Homes (now under construction) with spectacular waterfront and golf views.

In addition, a new high rise, “The Island,” has been designed by Garcia Stromberg. It will have a central core building designed to maximize the panoramic views from every residence. The new condominium will focus on outdoor living, an appreciation for sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico, and a rooftop amenity deck with a pool and fitness area. The residences will have wider terraces with summer kitchens, expansive walls of glass, and premium interior finishes. The building will be 23 stories over parking (approximately 270 feet) plus 20 feet for rooftop equipment. The high-rise building will be built on Pod 5 at the West Bay Club. The building will have four units per floor, with two penthouse levels. The glass on the building will be non-reflective. West Bay Club is located at the end of Williams Road, west of US 41.

The Zoning and development order has been approved for the high rise on what was designated “pod 5” past the west end of Williams Road.

West Bay Club Tower

The Development on the Northwest corner of US 41 and Coconut Road 

South Carolina-based developer Woodfield Development and ELV Associates now own the land (previously owned by Lee Health). The 45.6-acre development is located at the northwest corner of U.S. 41 and Coconut Road in Estero. The mixed-use development called Woodfield Estero is planned for 596 residential dwelling units, offices, retail, restaurants, and related uses.

The site has a 7.6-acre indigenous preserve area along the western and northern boundaries and some existing street infrastructure, including one access point from Coconut Road at Walden Center Drive, constructed as part of a previous development plan.

It is currently zoned for mixed-use development under the Mixed Use Planned Development (MPD) district classification, though, as is required in the Village’s Land Development Code for any planned developments in the Village Center Area, the development application will be requesting a rezoning to the Estero Planned Development (EPD) classification, and specifically the Tier 3, Village Center designation. The zoning change would allow residential and nonresidential uses in a more compact, urban form. The current plans for Woodfield Estero show nearly 600 residential dwellings with a mix of apartments and townhomes. A 260-room hotel will overlook one of the several community parks.

The Planned Development proposes a new mixed-use center that offers public open spaces, connected walking and biking paths, various housing types and commercial uses, and a civic building for private and community events, all of which come together to create an entire neighborhood centered on the community. The plan involves four phases of development.  The first phase includes a hotel, retail/dining, parking garages, residential units, and a 15,000 sq. ft. amenity center.  Most buildings will be 3 – 4 stories, except for the hotel, which will be six stories high at 75 ft. The sales center is now open for this development.

Engage Estero notes that there is increasing concern being voiced by many residents about the impact of allowing developers to increase the density of available housing on their land and the effect on the public infrastructure, not least being traffic density.

Woodfield Estero

The Hospital Corp of America’s Property on US 41 (East side) just North of Hertz

Although HCA Healthcare purchased 100 acres in Estero for $52.5 million in 2019, they are now selling a large part of the property. They will keep part of the site on the north side for a medical complex. Because no contract has been agreed upon, the potential outcome and range of options for the property still need to be clarified. If a large part of the property is sold to a developer, it seems unlikely that a hospital will be built on the site. The property on US 41 is north of The Hertz Building and borders Via Coconut on the eastern boundary. 

Woodfield Estero

Milan Villas- Northwest Corner of Williams Road and Three Oaks

The 10 acres of land located at the northwest corner of Williams Road and Three Oaks Parkway has now been cleared, and building will begin shortly, involving 44 single-family homes.

The homes will be set into two rows, essentially with a road for internal access running north-south inside the developments and a roundabout at the southern end. Original trees and landscaping have been retained along Williams Road to the corner with Three Oaks., designated for Commercial Planned Development, is being considered for rezoning to Residential Planned Development for a small residential subdivision of individual family homes.

Woodfield Estero

The Development of the 62-acre Land Parcel on the Estero River: Estero River Park.

Since purchasing the property in 2018, considerable discussions have occurred with the public and architects about acceptable options. The COVID pandemic, unfortunately, slowed this process.

The 30 acres south of the Estero River will remain a protected environmental area that could not be developed following the council’s vote to rezone the property from mixed-use to a public park. This rezoning ensures that it cannot be sold off for commercial use in the future. The land south of the river is an area of natural beauty. There are many mature trees of several types, together with a wetland area and a section home to gopher tortoises.

The natural area will offer a peaceful natural environment for everyone to enjoy. Work is well advanced on the nature trails through the site, which is around 80% complete. An attractive open fence along US 41 and Corkscrew Road will also provide the property’s boundary. The area will be available to the public later in the year.

The area north of the Estero River is still under discussion regarding the most suitable options. An appropriate solution that takes advantage of this attractive area within Estero will be made soon for the benefit of both residents and visitors.

During a recent meeting of the Village Planning, Zoning, and Design Board, the following was discussed: 

Plans for the Estero River Park include an access drive, 85 parking spaces, bike racks, and Old Florida-styled restrooms on the north side of the Estero River.  The toilets will be hooked into the nearby utility.  A bridge will cross the river to the 8-foot ADA-accessible, porous multi-use paths on the southern side of the river. Decorative fencing will be on the park’s perimeter at US 41 and Corkscrew Road, with a chain-link fence on the eastern railroad side of the property.

A couple of bald eagles are nesting in one of the trees on this site, so any work in that area will be delayed until after the eaglets fledge.

The Ritz Carlton Residences Estero Bay

Although technically a Bonita Springs development, construction, buildout, and the proposed residences will impact traffic conditions on the west side of Coconut Road in Estero.

The Brooks Town Center Development Plans involving the Previous Winn Dixie Building

From the Brooks

The Village of Estero requested a meeting with the various Brooks entities in June to provide an update on the redevelopment of the empty Winn-Dixie building at the Brooks’ Town Center. As you know, this redevelopment proposal has been ongoing since mid-2021. In late 2021, we focused on opposing the proposed plan, and many of you participated in that effort.

The Village of Estero rejected the developer’s initial approach and required the developer to utilize the public hearing process to further their plans. That action resulted in legal proceedings between the Village and the developers (Long Bay Partners, LLC, Top-CR Associates LLC, and PAC Estero Apartments LLC).

As a result of those proceedings and the negotiations involved, the Village and developer have reached a proposed settlement agreement. Unfortunately, that proposed agreement grants the developer permission to build a four-story, 154-unit apartment complex as initially proposed. The remaining part of the shopping center with assorted retail uses and a FineMark bank would remain. The Village successfully negotiated several improvements in the architectural design of the building itself and the surrounding landscaping to make the complex more compatible with the overall Brooks esthetics. The PZDB voted to approve the development on July 11th. Likely, the Council will also approve the development.

Although objections were raised, the PZDB had little room for maneuver due to the original Lee County agreement on zoning and site options many years before the Village’s incorporation.

Recreational Developments Planned in Estero

Entrance to the Estero Recreational Center

Discussion is underway regarding plans to reconfigure the entrance to Estero Recreational Park on Corkscrew Road.  Civic engagement, sports, recreation, and concerned citizens are asking the Lee County Board of County Commissioners Parks, and Rec Advisory Committee questions about the plans for the main entrance to the Estero Community Park off Via Coconut Point. This main entrance would facilitate connection to the potential Bonita Springs/Estero Rails to Trails development along the existing Seminole Railway land (BERT).

The Estero Park and Recreation Center’s Playground

The north playground at Estero Park was installed in 2006 when the park first opened. It is now one of the department’s oldest and most popular playgrounds. While the playground is still safe, the 17year old playground is showing signs of wear and rust deterioration which dictates the County’s replacement process.

Playmore West, Inc. has been contracted to replace the existing north-side playground section at Estero Park. The new playground will replace the 17-year-old playground showing signs of wear and rust deterioration. This playground will have play components for 2-5-year-old children, additional swings, and better accessibility. This playground will cost $300,000, and funding is included in the budget of Lee County’s Parks and Recreation Department.

Villages of Country Creek

A request has been made to use one existing tennis court for pickleball. The application was denied at the July 25th Village PZDB.

Copperleaf on Three Oaks Parkway

Copperleaf at The Brooks has requested to expand its clubhouse at Three Oaks Parkway and Coconut Road.

Representatives for Copperleaf at The Brooks described their plans for expanding the clubhouse, pool café, and pool deck along with modifications to the golf cart and parking areas, adding 21 parking spaces for staff.  They stated that the architecture and paint colors would coordinate with and enhance the original design.  They also plan to add a third bocce ball court, infill wet detention lakes, and alterations to the clubhouse landscaping.

The Village Planning, Zoning, and Design Board approved this application.

Pickleball at the Brooks – CDD and Commons Club

A public hearing was conducted for The Brooks CDD expansion of pickleball courts adjacent to the Commons Club on Coconut Road. They currently have three courts, but due to the high demand from the four communities in The Brooks, they plan to expand their facilities to 16 courts in three phases and add a shaded gathering area and additional parking.  The pickleball club currently has 1,000 members.

This application is for Phase 1 of the project, which includes four new courts, a social gathering area, and an expansion of the parking area and pathways.  A 10-foot tall AcoustiFence will be used in several locations to mitigate the sound of play. The hours of use will be 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

The Driving Range and the 19 Acres purchased by The Village of Estero Williams Road and Via Coconut.

Earlier this year, the Village purchased two parcels of property on the north side of Williams Road, south and west of the Estero Community Park and Estero High School. The parcel to the east is the Golf Coast Driving Range site, and the vacant lot to the west was obtained through a land swap and purchase from a church.

The staff has been evaluating plans for this 20-acre property, which may include indoor and outdoor recreational and sports-related uses. The Village proposes to rezone +19 acres on Williams Road’s north side, including the Golf Coast Driving Range and a vacant parcel from Agriculture and Commercial Planned Development to Estero Planned Development. The Village has unfortunately indicated they are proposing to close the driving range (the date has not yet been announced) despite the many comments made by golfers to Engage Estero, who would like it to remain open given its high usage. There are no similar facilities within a 15-mile radius of the site.

Estero Crossing

Pickleball Expansion at the Brooks/CDD on Coconut Road

Representatives for The Brooks CDD presented their plans for expanding their pickleball courts. They currently have three courts, but due to the high demand from the four communities in The Brooks, they plan to expand their facilities to 16 courts in three phases and add a shaded gathering area and additional parking. The hours of use will be 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. This site is located at Coconut Road adjacent to The Commons Club at The Brooks. Discussions are still ongoing about the plans and the potential impact of sound barriers that will be required.

Commercial Developments

Corkscrew Pines Self Storage Units.

The Village Planning, Zoning, and Design Board reviewed this development proposal at a public hearing earlier this year. The proposal is for self-storage located on the south side of Corkscrew Road, east of Stoneybrook Golf Drive, and west of Firehouse Lane. The applicant requested a development order to construct a three-building 134,000-square-foot self-storage facility, associated drainage, utilities, and landscaping.  The architecture is mission revival style. They have created undulations every 100 feet of the building facing Corkscrew Road to mimic separate buildings.  The paint colors are shades of tan and beige with brown accents.  The landscaping includes a variety of trees and perimeter shrubs.

The Village Planning, Zoning, and Design Board voted to approve this application with several conditions.

Corkscrew Pines

Lee Health University Highlands

Lee Health University Highlands, located at 19511 Highland Oaks Drive in Estero, is now open. It is a two-story building involving a 20,820-square-foot primary care office and outpatient center. The South Real Estate Group is leasing the building to Lee Health.

Located on the first floor, the outpatient center will house diagnostic imaging such as ultrasound, X-Ray, and women’s health services such as mammograms and DEXA scanning. The second floor provides full-scope family medicine and includes 16 exam rooms, a procedure room, and behavioral health services. The outpatient center has a lab draw station and an adult physical therapy clinic. It is a welcome addition to the area.

Patients and visitors can park free outside the front entrance and across the parking lot. The primary entry point into our parking lot is off Ben Hill Griffin Blvd.

University Highlands

Estero Eyebuild (former application in the name of Ginsberg Eye Center) at Corkscrew Palms.

The applicant has requested a development order for a two-story medical and general office building in the office park called Corkscrew Palms Commerce Center at 9441 Corkscrew Palms Circle.  They plan to have medical offices on the second floor and future tenant space on the first floor.

The proposed architecture blends with the existing architecture in the Center, including roof type, color, and building colors.  They have added a cupola with arched windows and lights on the building.  They plan 70 parking spaces, including handicapped parking.


Goodwill – New location in Lowes Plaza on Corkscrew Road

Representatives for Goodwill Industries have described plans for a “variety” store with a drive-thru donation center at the southeast corner of Corkscrew Road and Three Oaks Parkway in the Estero Town Commons, also known as the Lowes Plaza.  They stated they had outgrown their facility on the north side of Corkscrew Road.

The color of the building is beige/white with decorative tile roofs and brown trim, and it includes trellises with plant materials.  They plan to preserve much of the existing heritage oak tree border along the corner of Three Oaks Parkway and Corkscrew Road and add additional landscaping.  They plan a public plaza with benches and bike racks.  The PZB Board suggested they add some architectural enhancement to the back of the building.

Brightwork Real Estate, Estero Town Commons Place, involving the Wawa Store

The applicant proposes providing a convenience store with a gas station at the Estero Town Commons to service traffic heading to the interstate. They request a zoning amendment to include a deviation to allow a Wawa convenience store and fast-food restaurant with gas within 500 feet of an existing gas station to the North on Corkscrew Road. This property is located on the south side of Corkscrew Road on the parcel previously occupied by Ruby Tuesday.

They requested approval to include a fast-food restaurant to proceed with this proposal. The fast-food restaurant would be located on a different lot in the Estero Town Center. There was a request for Wawa to make some changes to the gas station canopy. Although timing has slipped, Wawa originally planned to open this new convenience store in 2023.

However, in response, the Village has indicated that Condition 14 of Resolution Z-03-032 explicitly allows either a Convenience Food and Beverage Store with Gas or a Fast-Food Restaurant on Corkscrew Road, but not both. The resolution does not allow both uses in the development along Corkscrew Road at the site of the Ruby Tuesday restaurant. The applicant desires the Wawa and a fast-food restaurant on Corkscrew Road which Staff does not support. A further application will be made on July 25th to remove the existing structure to construct a 5,537 square feet convenience store and gas station. The site will be reconfigured to provide for vehicular & pedestrian traffic, parking, and landscaping.

Coconut Point

The Cheesecake Factory at Coconut Point

The Cheesecake Factory is in the process of revamping the former Stir-Crazy site for its own styled business. A remodeling of the plans includes increasing the outdoor patio dining area. The company has requested approval of alcoholic beverage service in the outdoor patio area, which was approved on July 25th.

As many will already know, the company has over 250 menu items that are freshly prepared from scratch to order daily. There are over 30 legendary cheesecakes and desserts- something for everyone! The restaurant will be an essential addition to the various restaurants and cafés already in Coconut Point. It will open on August 22nd.

Warby Parker

Warby Parker will open at Coconut Point this November. The company provides a collection of trendy eyeglasses and sunglasses that blend fashion with functionality. The company will help you find the perfect pair of frames that reflect your personality. The new store will carry the brand’s full optical and sun eyewear offerings, their brand of daily contact lenses, Scout by Warby Parker, and third-party contacts, in addition to offering eye exams.


Beat the Florida heat with the latest frozen treats. The store is located next to Sunglass Hut on Fashion Drive. The company provides more than 40 premium, sugar-free and vegan offerings. If you crave a nostalgic sundae or an avant-garde ice cream creation, IceSSScramin’ is the place to go!

The Archive

The store offers new premier sneakers and streetwear boutique fashions on Fashion Drive next to PacSun. Shoppers will find the latest sneaker and streetwear brands, including Jordan, Yeezy, Essentials Fear of God, and more. Check out The Archive, from footwear to clothing, accessories, and collectibles.

Minor Commercial Changes

Coconut Point Ford Expansion  

Galloway Ford plans to construct an addition for 18 vehicle service bays, 14 parking spaces, and related infrastructure.

Miromar Design Center

Miromar International Design Center has requested a public hearing for their plans to convert some of their building into office space.  The Design Center is located directly south of Corkscrew Road at the southeast quadrant of the Corkscrew Road I-75 interchange.

Mister Car Wash

Mister Car Wash acquired Clean Machine next to Adi’s on US41 just north of Walmart. The architecture and landscaping have helped to blend the building with the Estero Tuscan/Mediterranean style. Other accommodations were also incorporated following discussions with residents.

Fifth Third Bank

This building has been completed and is located in the Miromar Outlets Mall.

Pastry Boutique Artisan Bakery in Broadway Shops

The store is located at 20461 S Tamiami Trail #20, Estero. This trendy artisan bakery has recently opened in the Broadway shops and has been said to be an excellent addition to the various businesses in the area.

Those who have visited have described it as, “This is a new (~4 months) family-owned pastry shop that serves scrumptious goodies like croissants (marzipan, butter, chocolate, and ham and cheese) as well as other fancy desserts. We selected a few things to try and were quite impressed. The croissants had a crunchy crust but were tasty and tender. Mumm! Their version of Creme brûlée came in a light pastry shell, wasn’t too sweet, and was filled with a light vanilla custard–Fantastic! We also tried their German Rye bread, which was also special.”


The Bicycle Cafe is Located at US41 and Estero Parkway.

Estero Bicycle Cafe is committed to providing maintenance and repair services to the cycling community. They have fully certified and highly trained mechanics who strive for professional, friendly, and efficient service. You can also buy or sell your bicycle at the store.

The Floral Artistry Studio at US 41 and Estero Parkway.

The store will design and deliver arrangements for any occasion (birthday, anniversary, childbirth, thank you, I love you, thinking of you, welcome home, congratulations, get well, etc.). They specialize in weddings, corporate events, and private parties – their designers will customize an event to fit customers’ needs and styles.

“Tacos on the Road” at the Marathon Gas Station on US 41

Tacos on the Road’s food is 100 percent organic from a secret family recipe gastronomic cuisine. People have commented. “As soon as I walked into this building, I could tell this place would be good. The owner loves what he does.  Very cute and nicely done interior. At a gas station! Don’t be put off.  Check this place out. Best Tex-Mex that I have had outside of Texas.  Seriously really good. I started with homemade chips and salsa. Fantastic! Everything is fresh, tastes so good and fresh too.”

Another said, “What a lovely business! Located in the Marathon gas station, clean tables are abundant, 2 of which are gorgeous wood. The menu has something for everyone. The steak fajita salad was chopped steak, sautéed red and green pepper and onions on a bed of fresh spinach and spring lettuce with comity cheese, tomatoes, avocado, and cucumber.”

Other Developments

The New School Planned for Three Oaks near the Post Office

This proposed development is on hold. No further plans have been discussed.

Renovations at the South County Regional Library in Estero

Lee Board of County Commissioners voted to award BSSW Architects, Inc. an architectural services contract for renovations to the South County Regional Library. The planned renovations include an automated material handler, upgraded building systems, reconfiguring the interior to serve the public and staff better, ADA upgrades, a new roof, and site improvements. BSSW Architects, Inc. will provide professional architectural, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design services. There will be multiple opportunities for public input during the 11-month design process.

After completing the design and bidding process, the Board will vote on the construction contract at a public meeting. The project is expected to be completed in 2024.

Shoppes at University Highlands

The Shoppes at University Highlands have applied for a development order to add a one-story, 7,300-square-foot commercial building on a vacant parcel on the west side of Ben Hill Griffin Parkway just north of Miromar Outlets. The new facility will have 6,000 square feet of retail space and a 1,300-square-foot restaurant. It’s the fifth building for University Highlands, which includes 14 acres of retail, a hotel, and office properties.

Culvers at Coconut Point (near American House and South of Lee Health)

Culver’s plans to construct a 4,052 sq. ft. fast food restaurant at 8400 Murano Del Lago Drive off Pelican Colony Blvd and looking for a tenant for the southern portion of their property due to the size of the site.

They are proposing a building with a seating capacity for 59 patrons and a drive-through, a hip roof with towers, a clay tile roof, and horizontal banding along the entire building.

Coconut Point Additions.

Art4Wear: Created by Yvonne Krystman, a mixed media artist and fashion designer, Art4Wear offers pieces that turn art into wearable, versatile apparel and accessories that can be dressed up or down. Art4Wear hosts in-store fashion shows and private and community events.

Johnny Was, a California-based women’s fashion lifestyle brand, offers boho-chic ready-to-wear pieces and accessories.

GameStop, the largest video game retailer in the world, is the one-stop shop for games, collectibles.

Subtle and Chic Boutique has a carefully curated collection of versatile and affordable fashion, accessories, and home essentials.

Nautical Bowls provides a healthy fast-food option with its delicious, all-organic bowls containing acai mixed with various fruits such as coconut and banana.

Jean-Pierre Klifa offers a complete resort wear line rich in colors and prints. The brand specializes in unique garments created with UPF 50+ fabric

The Christmas Tree Shop has opened with many trendy products, not just items for Christmas! Reasonable prices and lots of packaged food.

Tullabee Baby has also opened, providing baby and children’s clothing.

Southern Tide is best known for comfortable polo skirts, part of its coastal lifestyle apparel brand.

G’s Bridal and Haute Couture provides experienced stylists to help shoppers choose from their bridal and formal wear collections for all occasions.

Lavish Wellness on US 41

Lavish Wellness Lounge is now open at 19970 S. Tamiami Trail, Estero. The company’s services include vitamin therapy, wellness boosters, a medical weight loss program, health coaching, and more. The Company offers premier luxe wellness providing a wide array of services to help our clients achieve optimal wellness inside and out.

Chip Cookies Opens at Estero Town Commons

The O.G. gourmet cookie delivery franchise, known for its warm, gooey, and freshly baked cookies, is proud to announce the grand opening of the brand’s first location in Florida. Located in Estero at 10171 Estero Town Commons Pl., Unit 305, Chip Cookies will open its doors to the public on Aug. 26.

Local owner Amanda Arrington is no stranger to the world of selling cookies. She started selling cookies out of her home kitchen, but it became difficult to manage as the business grew. Arrington decided it was time to find a storefront. “I walked into a Chip Cookies with my husband and said, ‘This is what I want,’” said Arrington. “I instantly fell in love with everything about Chip, so much detail goes into everything they do, and Sean and Sarah’s story hit home for me. It was an easy decision to open our location, so I can continue fulfilling my passion for high-quality baking.”

Chip Cookies is Utah’s original gourmet cookie delivery company and has been delivering happiness in the form of warm, fresh cookies right to the consumer’s doorstep since 2016.

Oak and Stone Restaurant

Oak and Stone restaurant proposed 1,000 feet west of the intersection of Corkscrew Road and Interstate 75 in Estero Crossing, a mixed-use project under construction by Naples-based Stock Development. Oak and Stone is a regional restaurant specializing in Craft Beer and Artisan Pizza. Oak and Stone signed a lease with Stock Development at 10500 Corkscrew Road, or “Estero Crossings.” Tim Schneider, Tony Mangione, and Ty Hensley were the team that represented Stock on the transaction with Oak and Stone.

They offer a unique dining experience with gourmet fare and only the freshest ingredients. Their self-serve beer wall is one of the region’s largest, offering more than 50 beers on tap. Many of the drinks are American craft beers, emphasizing hometown breweries. An extensive list of wine, whiskey, bourbon, and craft cocktails is also available to drink from the menu. A more than 5,300-square-foot restaurant and bar with a covered patio is proposed for an out parcel. It will be the first Lee County location of Florida-based Oak and Stone.

Pavich Realty Corkscrew Road near Via Coconut

Plans are underway to convert a small existing property on Happy Hollow and Corkscrew Road for their office and small café. It will be located On the SW corner of Corkscrew Road and Happy Hollow Lane, with the Gulf Seminole Railway to the west and Estero by the River land to the north ¼ mile east of US 41 and approximately 500 feet west of Via Coconut Point Road.

The plans involve building a 2-story multi-use commercial development with 8,000 square feet of office and mixed commercial uses. This will involve a 1,050-square-foot restaurant, retail or café, and 950 square feet of courtyard/outdoor seating.

South Fork Grille/El Nido Modern Mexican Restaurant

South Fork Grille/El Nido Modern Mexican Restaurant requested an expansion of outdoor alcoholic beverage services at their restaurants in Coconut Point. South Fork has recently expanded, adding a second restaurant called El Nido. The outdoor area now totals 3,285 square feet, more than double the original outdoor space. Service hours are 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM Sunday through Thursday and 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM Friday and Saturday for indoor and outdoor seating. The Village Planning, Zoning, and Design Board approved the application with several conditions.

AT&T Cell Tower (at 3231 Coconut Road adjacent to the Bonita Springs-Estero Elks Lodge)

The first public hearing addressed a notable exception for a 100-foot-tall AT&T wireless telecommunications facility on the Bonita Springs-Estero Elks Lodge property at 3231 Coconut Road.

The applicant had revised their original application from 149 feet to a 99-foot monopole with a 1-foot lightning rod for a total height of 100 feet.  Space will be made available on the monopole for two other providers.  They stated that the tower is needed to provide capacity and coverage for this area.

The facility will include the monopole with antennas, a 20 x 15-foot area for a generator, and equipment shelter for each antenna array, all of which will be enclosed by an eight-foot wooden fence surrounded by a ten-foot-wide landscape buffer. In addition, this tower will have FirstNet, a network service for first responders.  It will not be lit at night.

Public Comment: 2 comment cards were received; six residents spoke in favor of this request, two spoke against and stated that a petition signed by 66 residents was opposed, and the applicant provided a petition in favor of the tower signed by 164 residents.

The Board voted to approve this application for a 100-foot-tall tower with conditions.

Bella Terra Cell Tower

Broadus Towers plans to install a cell tower along East Corkscrew Road near Bella Terra.

The tower planned will be a 148’ Tall Monopole. It will involve: –

  • Monopole = 1 support pole, no ironworks or guy wires
  • Antennas mounted on the headframe at top
  • Dull gray tones to help minimize visibility
  • The Monopole will meet all aspects of the Village Tower Code (No Variances)
  • This Monopole will be completely dark at night. This Monopole will be designed to hold antennas for up to 4 carriers

Bella Terra has been notorious for poor cell service, especially at the southernmost location.  The tower is needed to provide the residents with communication with the Fire & Rescue resources.  Fire and Rescue are in Bella Terra ~3-4 times a week. They have had multiple meetings in the area with over 70% approval of the cell tower alternative.