Do you live in the Incorporated Village of Estero or Not?

People are unsure whether they live within the incorporated Village of Estero, the incorporated City of Bonita Springs, or in an unincorporated area, especially for those living along East Corkscrew Road.

By Mark Novitski, Consultant to Engage Estero
May 2023

The table below summarizes which communities along East Corkscrew Road are incorporated and which are unincorporated.

In The Village of Estero

Communities and are
Under Lee County Control

Bella Terra

Corkscrew Estates


Corkscrew Shores

Preserve at Corkscrew

FFD Farms

River Creek



The Place

Wildcat Run

Wild Blue



Communities that are currently Part of the Incorporated Village of Estero

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There are several reasons why it is essential to know in which area you reside. For this article, incorporated means municipality (e.g., Village of Estero, City of Bonita Springs, Fort Myers Beach), and unincorporated means Lee County, where no city/municipality exists.


The Florida legislation that granted the incorporation of the municipality of the Village of Estero in 2014 followed the boundaries that Lee County granted to the local planning and zoning authority.

Since Estero was incorporated (2014) long after SW Florida zip codes were established, the incorporated Village of Estero encompasses parts of five zip codes. Those communities that are part of incorporated Estero are appended.

How do I know whether I reside in a municipality of unincorporated Lee County? Your property tax bill or Voter ID card are two ways to answer that question.

Those residing in a municipality will have an additional line on their tax bill (e.g., this tax bill identifies the Village of Estero) in addition to the Lee County general revenue line.

Property tax rates differ in unincorporated Lee County, the Village of Estero, and Bonita Springs.

Each home also has an assigned Fire District within Lee County.

It will determine who your elected officials are and who you need to contact if you have an issue that affects you.

Elected officials include –

Your voter registration card will identify a city (e.g., municipality) where you vote for your village or city council member (e.g., this voter registration card identifies the Village of Estero). The “City” block will be blank if you reside in unincorporated Lee County.

Federal Level

US Senators
(both represent all residents)

Senator Scott
Senator Rubio

House Representatives
(represent specific districts)

Find your Representative

State Level

State Senators and House Representatives (both represent specific districts)

Find your Senator
Find your Representative

County Level

Lee County Commissioners

  • Commissioner Pendergrass’s district is North of Corkscrew Rd
  • Commissioner Sandelli’s district is South of Corkscrew Rd

You can report Lee County road issues at:

Village Level

Councilmembers represent specific districts.

You can register Village of Estero issues at:


While Lee County Commissioners are responsible for all of Lee County, your municipal elected officials are responsible for within the Village/City limits. You must know whom to contact to address your local concern if you have an issue, complaint, or question.

Post Office

If you have a package held at your post office, you need to know which facility to go to:

  1. Bonita Springs (old US 41)
  2. Estero (Three Oaks Pkwy)
  3. Fort Myers (2655 N Airport Rd)

Fire Rescue District

While your tax bill and voter registration card identify your Fire District, the three Fire Rescue Districts (Bonita Springs, Estero, and San Carlos Park) have reciprocal agreements for “closest unit response.” These agreements mean a San Carlos Park fire rescue team may respond to an event within the Village of Estero. A portion of your homeowner’s insurance bill is allocated to your assigned Fire Control District.

Building Permits

Where you submit your building permit is determined by your incorporated municipality, or if unincorporated, Lee County.

Code Enforcement

Each municipality, and Lee County, have different statutes. For example, Estero has strict signs, banners, lights, and display requirements.

Impact Fees

Fire Rescue District

Fire/EMS is the same (100%) throughout the county.

Parks & Recreations

  1. Lee County is set at 52.5%
  2. The Village of Estero and Bonita Springs is 100%


  1. Lee County is set at 52.5%
  2. The Village of Estero and Bonita Springs is 100%


Schools are the same (52.5%) throughout the county.

Will this information change over time? Possibly! It is feasible for unincorporated communities to become incorporated if:

  1. There is sufficient support among residents and management of the community to join an incorporated municipality.
  2. There is a willingness on the part of the municipality to annex the community in question.

But everyone must be involved in our community “outside the gates!”

This article aimed to clear up any questions. Hopefully, it has not created more! Please stay involved. Stay informed and ask questions – it is a civic responsibility.

Resident Information Tool

The county offers a one-stop search for information about your property at it’s Resident Information Tool. Enter your address and find out what shelters, libraries, bus stops, fire stations, parks, and more are in your area.

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