Local Organizations Benefit from FGCU Interns and Volunteers


The Greater Estero Area reaps multiple benefits from having a major university campus in our community, from cultural opportunities, an influx of younger consumers and workers, and the economic stimulus of entrepreneurs building their businesses here. But one of the most impactful results of FGCU’s presence is the 3.7 million student service-learning hours that have been performed by students since the university opened in 1997.

Service-learning is a core concept and FGCU. Each year students performs services for over 300 community agencies. If your business or organization is looking for sharp minds and a new perspective, The ECCL recommends becoming a part of this service-learning community. Agencies can sign up using the instructions on the FGCU website to be incorporated into the list of eligible organizations. Students can then locate your business or organization to volunteer on an on-going basis, or for a specific event.

Sign Up Process

Apply to be an agency for students to fulfill their service-learning requirements.