Work is planned to begin construction on a wildlife crossing across Corkscrew Road in October. It will be located approximately 1000 feet west of the entrance to Cypress Shadows Boulevard, which coincides with a regional flow-way that crosses under Corkscrew Road at that location.

The wildlife crossing is actually two small bridges next to each other. These are simple deck slab bridges on concrete piles. Instead of a bridge over water, they are constructed over land, leaving an 8’ high by 24’ wide opening under the road for the animals to pass. We will have two bridges, one for eastbound and one for westbound traffic, so that there is an opening in the median. This opening provides a “skylight” to light the tunnel so it’s not always dark and animals are more apt to use it. There will be 10’ high fence on either side of the road funneling the critters to cross at these locations. The bottom will be bare natural ground. This will look similar to the existing wildlife crossing just east of Alico Road.

The build will be completed in two phases due to existing traffic. When completed, the wildlife can walk on the ground as they normally would as if the road did not exist, and cars pass over top. Separate water culverts will divert water parallel to the crossing.