Safety Council

Engage Estero Safety Council is made of volunteers serving as a voice for the citizens of greater Estero on safety and transportation priorities and issues. We advocate for related solutions to Village, County, and State Government organizations.

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Road Safety in Greater Estero

Road Safety in Greater Estero

Road Safety in Greater Estero By Contributing Author, Mark Novitski, and Engage Estero Consultant.  Everyone has their definition of what determines road safety or, conversely, what makes our roads unsafe. In writing extensively about Corkscrew Road, I have...

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Sign-Up for Property Fraud Alerts

Sign-Up for Property Fraud Alerts

Clerk of the Circuit Court & Comprtroller Kevin Karnes is now offering an alert notification system for Lee County property owners to reduce fraud. When you sign-up, if a deed, mortgage, or other non-Court official record is recorded in your name, you will be...

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Environment Council

Engage Estero Environment Council is a volunteer group focusing on improving water and air quality and mitigating and eliminating the effects of climate warming in greater Estero.

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Health Council

Engage Estero Community Health Council comprises health* and safety-minded volunteers who think about community health comprehensively with a common desire to improve the overall health of the citizens of greater Estero.

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Let’s Make Estero A HeartSafe Community!

Let’s Make Estero A HeartSafe Community!

The facts Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is the leading cause of death in the United States, claiming more than 300,000 lives annually. Approximately 95 percent of SCA victims die before they reach a hospital or receive medical attention. How Can We Help Reduce This...

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Education Council

Engage Estero mobilizes volunteers in our schools, sponsors scholarships, and promotes the involvement of the community through announcements and public forums.

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Estero High Cambridge Students Recognized

Estero High Cambridge Students Recognized

By Mike Wasson, Director, Engage Estero The Village of Estero Council issued a Proclamation its Meeting on Wednesday, March 6th honoring 39 Estero High School Students who were presented the Cambridge Outstanding Learners Awards. In his remarks, Jon McLain, Village of...

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Updates on Issues of Impact

Engage Estero believes the best way to get a community involved is to make sure they are aware of the issues impacting their future, and know how to impact those decisions before they are made. We conduct and publish original research and articles aimed at getting residents Engaged.

This month, NCH Healthcare presented its request for zoning deviations to operate a 24/7 emergency medical facility in the Shoppes of Coconut Trace, while Aldi presented revised design plans for a new grocery store on U.S. 41 north of Walmart. Several other businesses also presented plans including a new dog park at West Bay Club, a downsized 198-unit apartment complex at Estero Grande and an enhanced Playland for Miromar Outlets. Also this month, Village Council voted to ban medical marijuana dispensaries and conducted a workshop on three elements of the Comprehensive Plan.

The next Design Review Board meeting will be Wed., Dec. 13, at 5:30 p.m. The next Planning & Zoning Board meeting will be Tuesday, Dec. 19, at 5:30 p.m.

Village Council Actions

Medical Marijuana

Council voted to adopt an ordinance prohibiting medical marijuana facilities within the boundaries of the Village of Estero. The state legislature will address additional regulations on medical marijuana dispensaries during the 2018 legislative session. Currently, the only options permitted by the State are to ban dispensaries altogether or to allow dispensaries wherever retail pharmacies are located without limit. The Council will readdress this issue after the State sets its regulations in 2018.

Planning & Zoning Board Activities


NCH Healthcare System is seeking to operate a continuously open, 40,000-square-foot emergency medical facility at the Shoppes of Coconut Trace on the west side of U.S. 41 across from Coconut Point Mall. NCH requested the board remove hours of operation restrictions; Coconut Trace is zoned for business operation from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. NCH also requested two zoning deviations to allow placement of the facility closer to U.S. 41 than allowed and to increase the maximum height of appearance enhancements to 63 feet. The facility would be two stories with about 12,000 square feet for an emergency room with the remaining square footage to be used for medical offices, testing facilities and related ancillary services. Twelve residents spoke against the NCH proposal, and 7 spoke in favor. Staff will prepare a recommendation for the board to consider at a future date. NCH’s presentation to the PZB may be viewed here.

West Bay Club

West Bay Club is proposing to build an amenity area in five phases including a dog park, four pickleball courts, a bocce ball court, restroom facilities and a grass parking area. West Bay Club is located west of U.S. 41 off of Williams Road. No action is taken during public information meetings.

Estero Grande Parkside

Estero Grande is proposing a 198-unit apartment complex on a portion of its property west of U.S. 41 at Estero Parkway. The residential community will be called Estero Grande Parkside and will be located behind the 100,000-square-foot Estero Grande commercial development. The developer is seeking a zoning deviation to reduce the number of required parking spaces from 2 per unit to 1.75 per unit to allow more open space and to maximize stormwater management. The Estero Grande Parkside presentation may be viewed here. No action is taken at public information meetings.

FBC Home Concept

FBC Home Concept, doing business as Countertops and More, has been operating a granite countertop sales center on a small (0.4-acre) property at 20170 S. Tamiami Trail between U.S. 41 and Trailside Drive. This property was formerly a used car lot and was leased by FBC Home Concept in 2015. The granite business was issued a zoning violation for not having the correct buffering for outdoor storage. Two residents spoke about the poor aesthetics of this property. The applicant is proposing to buffer with a six-foot decorative granite wall and trees along U.S. 41. A variance is also being sought for a decreased setback to make this small property usable. The company’s application may be viewed here.

Ordinance Hearing

An ordinance is being proposed to amend the original ordinance which established the Design Review Board and the Planning and Zoning Board. Proposed revisions pertain to membership, quorums, ethics and conflicts of interest. The PZB voted to recommend Council approve this ordinance; it is subject to further revisions by Council at a later date.

Design Review Board Activities


Aldi representatives held a public workshop at the Design Review Board to present current plans for a 22,000-square-foot grocery store on the east side of U.S. 41 north of Walmart and Estero Parkway. The revised plan includes “right in/right out” access from U.S. 41. Other changes include an eight-foot wall on the eastern side of the building, a new pedestrian walkway, reduced parking and enlarged columns on the exterior of the building. Four residents from neighboring communities spoke about traffic, safety and stormwater concerns.

ABC Fine Wine & Spirits

ABC Fine Wine & Spirits is planning to build a new 12,360-square-foot store at the Paradise Shoppes of Estero where the business is currently located west of U.S. 41 and south of Pelican Landing Drive. The presented design includes a Mediterranean pallet of colors with light taupe tile and cajun red awnings. Architectural and design plans for the store may be viewed here.

Miromar Outlets Playland

Miromar Outlets is proposing to expand the existing play area and to add an interior climbing wall, outdoor seating, shade structures and a decorative bronze railing for containment. The new Playland would be 3,800 square feet and would be located at the northwest corner of the mall near the lake.

University Self Storage

University Highlands presented plans for a three-story, self-storage facility on a two-acre site on the west side of Ben Hill Griffin Parkway, south of Estero Parkway (across from Grandezza) in the Timberland & Tiburon master planned development. The facility would contain 725 storage units and 700 square feet of office space. The design indicates a color scheme of beige, cream and green with white awnings and shutters and a tile roof. Proposed hours of operation would be 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. The board recommending several design and landscaping improvements. The design presentation may be viewed here.

Sunmart Gas Station

Sunmart gas station and convenience store is proposing to replace its existing monument sign with a code-compliant sign at its location on the east side of Tamiami Trail south of Corkscrew Road (next to Wendy’s). The proposed sign design may be viewed here.

Miromar Design Center

The Board approved the design of a monument sign for Miromar Design Center, located on the south side of Corkscrew Road east of Interstate 75. The sign was originally permitted by Lee County in 2015 but was never built. The approved sign design may be viewed here.

Comprehensive Plan

Village Council hosted a Comprehensive Plan workshop on Nov. 15 including discussion of Conservation & Coastal Management, Capital Improvements and Intergovernmental Coordination.

Major conservation objectives are:

  • Plant and Tree Preservation
  • Water Access and Quality
  • Coastal Conservation
  • Wildlife Preservation
  • Resource Management and Efficiency
  • Hazard Protection

Major Capital Improvement objectives include:

  • Level of Service (LOS) standards
  • Concurrency management
  • Public school coordination

Major objectives for Intergovernmental Coordination are:

  • Government coordination with all agencies whose decisions impact the planning of the Village
  • Water supply coordination and protection
  • Education coordination

The presentation from the Comprehensive Plan workshop may be viewed on the Village website.