East Corkscrew Construction and Development Updates:

Courtesy of the East Corkscrew Alliance

– Introduction

On January 23, 2023, the East Corkscrew Alliance hosted a meeting to update local stakeholders primarily on the status of Corkscrew Road construction, but also on other developments and transportation projects affecting the residents and businesses along east Corkscrew Road. Speakers from local governments provided official status reports and projections.

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Commissioner Pendergrass and Randy Cerchie, Director of Lee County Department of Transportation (LDOT) provided the following:

  • Corkscrew Rd Phase 1
    Ben Hill Griffin to Bella Terra is behind schedule Estimate Completion end of 1stquarter 2024.
  • Corkscrew Rd Phase 2
    Bella Terra to Alico Road has been permitted. Scheduled to start construction late 2023 and complete 2026.
  • Corkscrew Rd Phase 3
    Alico Road to Verdana Village – projected to start construction 2031 and complete in BOCC (Board of County Commissioners) and LDOT (Lee County Department of Transportation) are working to move this project to an earlier timeframe.
  • Corkscrew Rd Phase 4
    Widening Corkscrew Rd to 4 lanes from Verdana Village to Kingston Development. No start date given but MPO amended its Long Range Transportation Plan to a 2031-2035
  • Expansion of Phase 1 to 6 lanes may happen in the 2024 – 2026 timeframe.
  • Lee County is currently six-laning Corkscrew Rd from Ben Hill Griffin to Firehouse Lane. It will be 4-laned from Firehouse Lane east to Bella Terra, then to Alico, with the ability to 6-lane in the future. They also have 6-laning of Corkscrew Rd from Three Oaks to 1-75 in their Tier 2 CIP (Capital Improvement Program), build date not set yet. 


 Estero Village Manager Steve Sarkozy provided the following:

  • Landscaping of 1-75 interchange and Corkscrew Rd will start soon.
  • Landscaping on Ben Hill Griffin from Corkscrew Rd to Estero Parkway to start soon. They will be limited to what plants and trees to use because of buried utilities.
  • Working with Stoneybrook COD on potentially moving traffic signal electronic boxes. Potential for 3rd exit lane.
  • With regard to Phase 1 of widening of Corkscrew Rd, the Village will start major work in late 2023 on multi-use paths (southside Ben Hill Griffin to east boundary of Bella Terra and northside Ben Hill Griffin to East Boundary of Grandezza). The Village will also provide street lights and upgraded landscaping to Village standards.


A 4-colored bundle of conduit for fiber optic cable is being buried on Corkscrew Rd for traffic control so LDOT central operations can make real time adjustments to traffic light timing.

All traffic signals in Lee County are systematically being optimized based on a priority following hurricane issues.

Traffic Signal at Rivercreek/WildBlue West Entrance-LDOT working with Developers on traffic counts and design/construction payment.

Traffic Signal at Corkscrew Rd/Verdana Village Developer installed.

Traffic Signal at Corkscrew Rd/Kingston Ranch Rd will be Developer installed.

Traffic Signal at Estero Fire Rescue Station 45 and Corkscrew Rd. It is LDOT’s understanding that it will be a flashing light.

Right turn only egress for Wildcat Run and Preserve at Corkscrew could and will be considered and u-turn at nearest traffic signal (Rivercreek/Bella Terra) to go west or median access.

Multi-use Paths,
Additional Wildlife Crossings, Crosswalks

Corkscrew Rd Widening

For Phase 2, 3 and 4 of the Corkscrew Road Widening, Lee County will be providing their standard street lights, multi-use paths and landscaping.

There is a potential for two more Wildlife Crossings to be constructed on East Corkscrew Rd.

Crosswalks have not been defined yet.

Alico Rd Extension to Rt 82

The County has planned this project and current schedule is:
Phase I (Airport Haul Rd to Alica Rd curve) starts Jan 24
Phase II (curve to Rt 82)b starts 2026, completes 2028)

This project should reduce truck and commuter traffic on Corkscrew Rd.

Status of Rt 951

The County indicated that St Rt 951 north and south of Corkscrew Rd is not in any MPO or LDOT plans. They did indicate that they purchased years ago a right-of-way for 26 Million in Grandezza.

Access to Larry Kiker Preserve from Corkscrew Rd

The County indicated that Lee County Parks and Recreation are working on initial use plan. Public input will be requested when draft plan is released.

Rails to Trails

BERT (Bonita Estero Rail Trail) and purchase of Seminole Railroad Right-of-Way (ROW) were discussed. Government entities/personnel at meeting were not aware of negotiations in progress between the Public Land Trust and the Faye Family. There was a wide range of valuations of the ROW among the parties.

Total Homes Projected

The East Corkscrew Alliance estimates that by 2025, the number of homes closed on East Corkscrew will total 15,000. By 2030, that number is projected to reach 20,000.

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Corkscrew Road Widening Project

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Village landscaping projects

Each Council and Planning and Design Review Board meeting is summarized on the website. You can subscribe to email notices to stay informed.

Lee County Department of Transportation

Home page with links to road project spreadsheets, a performance dashboard, and more. https://www.leegov.com/dot/

Metropolitan Planning Organization

Creates the Long-Range Transportation Plan which prioritizes transportation projects throughout SWFL.

Engage Estero thanks the East Corkscrew Alliance and Mark Novitski in particular for sharing these updates with the greater Estero area public.

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