Terry Flanagan

Chief Business Administrator

Terry FlanaganThe ECCL would like to introduce Terry Flanagan as Chief Business Administrator for the ECCL. This role provides strategic focus and operational efficiency to ensure the ECCL makes the most of a limited and valuable resources: their time and talent.

This senior position acts as a trusted advisor and strategic thought partner to the president and Executive Management Team to influence outcomes and maintain momentum. The CBA serves as analyst and decision-framer on one hand and project manager, change agent, and coach on the other.

Flanagan brings years of experience as an insightful mentor, advisor, and change agent to senior operating executives and team members that develop relationships internally and externally for success. He is the Founder and Principal of A Third View Medical, LLC, a management consulting firm; Founder and Principal of Smart Decision Services, Inc. a management consultancy advising company; along with many other related professional experiences.

His responsibilities with the ECCL will include:

  • Overseeing large, often cross-functional, organization-wide projects or initiatives; bring together essential stakeholders to help drive decisions;
  • Proposing the creation of new systems and processes to streamline operations and contribute to the desired culture change; and
  • Leading the annual strategic planning process acting as a project manager and ensuring alignment with the president and leadership team.

Flanagan is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force awarded two Air Force Commendation Medals. He and his wife of over 50 years are parents of six children and ten grandchildren.

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