The total value of all residential permits issued during the first four months of 2018 was $28,238,548.  Included is $12,613,000 for new roofs and roofing repairs for 404 homes, all most likely damaged in the hurricane.

During that same period, fifty-five (55) new housing permits were issued, including thirty (30) single family homes, eight (8) duplexes and seventeen (17) units in multi-family condominiums. Twenty-nine (29) of the 55 permits were for single-family and duplex units in Tidewater, the 55+ gated community at the SW corner of Ben Hill Griffin and Estero Parkway. The condominium units are being built in Copper Oaks, an established community on Three Oaks Parkway.

The table below compares 2018 year-to-date figures with those of the previous 18 years.

Note: The building values above exclude the value of the underlying land.


For 2017 through 2018, see Village of Estero Community Development:

For prior years, see Lee County Permit Reports for the “Village of Estero”:



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