Blood Drive

Lee Health Coconut Point

Spend a few moments of your time and save the live of another person. Your donation through the Lee Health Blood Center will stay in Lee County and benefit local residents and visitors in need. RSVP to 239-468-0050.

Neck Range of Motion, why is it Important?

Learn why your neck's range of motion is important to your wellness, and ways to improve and extend your current limits. RSVP to (239) 468-0050.

Stroke Awareness

Fast action can make all the difference to a stroke victim. Learn the signs and prevention techniques. Part of the Workplace Wellness series. RSVP to (239) 468-0050.

Treating Invisible Wounds: PTSD

Women are more likely to develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) than men after experiencing trauma. At any given time in the United States 8% of people are experiencing PTSD. What is PTSD, the signs and symptoms, and how is it treated?

Mobile Blood Drive

Lee Health Coconut Point

Your much needed blood donation will stay in Lee County and benefit local residents and visitors in need at the Healthy Life Center. You can also donate at theĀ Bonita Community Health Center, 3501 Health Center Blvd, Suite 2100 by calling (239) 495-4372.

USA Independence Day 5K

Hertz Are 11000 Everblades Pkwy, Estero, FL, United States

Hertz arena's central location creates the perfect spot to meet up with your family and friends for an Independence Day morning run and walk.

Hurricane Medicine Cabinet

Lee Health Coconut Point

Preparing for a hurricane means more than stocking up on gasoline and toilet paper. Explore the essentials in staying proactive, managing your medication, and other helpful first-aid tips for hurricane season. Virtual Event. RSVP at 239-468-0050

Skin Cancer Screenings

Lee Health Coconut Point

Skin cancer is on the rise, and early detection is the key to survival. A skin exam is the first step in diagnosing pre-cancerous and cancerous lesions to prevent further development. RSVP at 239-468-0050

Mobile Blood Drive

Lee Health Coconut Point

The Bloodmobile will be at Lee Health Coconut Point to collect much needed donations. To RSVP call (239) 468-0050.

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