Important Health and Safety Issues in the Greater Estero Area

The ECCL is pleased to provide the second quarter’s Greater Estero Community Report (GECR) for 2022. Each of the articles contained in the report focus on aspects of importance in our area.
We discuss:
  • Safety.
    The dangers of Cane Toads to our pets and young children
  • Health.
    Mental Distress in Children During COVID-19: Signs, Symptoms & What We Can Do to Help Our Kids & Ourselves
  • Environment/Water Quality
    How residents can help to improve our water quality in greater Estero


The ECCL is pleased to provide the 2nd quarter’s Greater Estero Community Report (GECR) for 2022. The ECCL’s mission is “to advocate for meaningful change that maintains and improves the high quality of life in the greater Estero area through consensus-based advocacy, fact-based research, and relationships with community and civic decision-makers.” To that end, we focus on the concerns expressed by residents in the greater Estero area.

During the last few years, greater Estero has seen a considerable increase in our local population. Younger families are moving to the area encouraged by the fabulous lifestyle available, the excellence of our healthcare and local schools, efforts to protect our environment, and the growth in the Arts and recreation facilities. These efforts will continue over the next 5 to 10 years.

We know there is a need to engage with long-time and younger residents. Our report this month addresses several issues that should be of interest to all residents covering Safety, The Environment/ Water Quality, and Health. These are three of the ECCL’s five key areas that form the basis of our advocacy, the other two being Education and The Arts and Recreation.

GECR Qtr 2 2002
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