If You are Tired of Watching TV and Playing Golf, Do we have Leadership Opportunities for You!

We seek experienced private and nonprofit leaders who want to make a difference in our community. You don’t have to be an expert in any field to be successful. A commitment to a cause, organizational skills, and the drive to act will serve.

Engage Estero is an all-volunteer, nonpolitical, nonprofit Community Engagement Association. Our purpose is to inform you of significant community issues and encourage your engagement to impact the quality of life in greater Estero favorably.

We do it together by:

  • Building trust: We provide transparency, listen to citizens, evaluate government plans and local activities, and communicate informed and collective opinions to citizens and community decision-makers.
  • Conducting research: We communicate findings, seek opportunities, offer solutions, and challenge threats to energize citizen engagement.
  • Organizing live and online educational forums: We provide government and community decision-makers with expertise, articles, research, and insight to promote balanced information.
  • Collaborating: We connect with water, environment, safety and transportation, community health, and local education organizations to strengthen our voices and increase favorable community impacts.

What We Do, We Do With Purpose, Passion, And Pride In Our Community.

In our 2022 Residents Survey, 75% believed there was a need for a community-based, 501c3 nonprofit, nonpartisan, nonpolitical, and volunteer community organization that monitors and addresses the actions that could adversely affect our community. While 20% were unsure in their response, only 5% felt there was no need for such an organization. The reasons why Engage Estero was necessary were the need for:

  • Nonpartisan, nonpolitical groups are essential.
  • Voices for responsible growth and environmental issues.
  • Monitoring development activity to maintain our quality of life
  • Checks and balances for our community.
  • Keeping our community safe and progressive.

Becoming a leader in Engage Estero offers you many personal benefits, opportunities to be productive, and to leave a legacy of caring for your family and neighbors. And, if you are concerned about the Environment and Water Quality, Community Development, Community Health, Safety, and Transportation, and quality Education, there are many opportunities for you to take a leadership position in one of these areas and more.

Provide a Sense of Purpose

Helping others can give your life new meaning and keep you mentally stimulated and productive.

Provide a Sense of Community

Connect to those you are helping in the community while supporting programs you believe are essential.

Opportunity to Make Friends

Interact with others from diverse backgrounds to learn new perspectives.

Increase Social Skills

Boost your self-esteem.

Increase the Fun in your Life

Bring a new sense of creativity and motivation to your life.

Get out of your Comfort Zone

Stretch yourself.

Be Happier

Increase your “feel-good” factor.

Recognition of your Skills and Importance

Acknowledgment of your contribution to the community you enjoy.

If you would like to participate in these activities or would like to learn more about how you can help, please consider taking on a leading role in one of the above areas. It need not take up much of your time and will be rewarding and help Engage Estero continue making a positive difference to greater Estero. Please email Jim Gilmartin, Engage Estero president engageesteropres@gmail.com, to schedule a no-obligation conversation.

  Be Informed,
Get Engaged,
and Make an Impact!