Approximately forty (40) Member representatives and alternates attended a breakfast meeting on January 7, hosted by the ECCL Executive Management Team (EMT).  In addition to our guests, the ECCL Council Chairs were in attendance.

Following introductory remarks by Membership Chair, Barry Freedman, ECCL President, Jim Gilmartin made a presentation, summarizing advocacy initiatives and ECCL impact on several salient topics.  In addition, Gilmartin outlined the important role of Member representatives, as we proceed into another challenging year.

The remainder of the agenda was devoted comments, questions and inquiries from the Member representatives and alternates, and, suffice it to say, the interchange between our guests and the EMT was lively and spirited.

In addition to suggestions that filled pages of notes taken during the Q&A session, two were of special interest:

  • The meeting was wholeheartedly endorsed, and it was suggested that similar sessions be scheduled throughout the year
  • Development of a training protocol, required for completion by all newly appointed Member Reps, was strongly advocated

The EMT is currently addressing the multitude of suggestions which resulted from this session and plans for proactive action will be addressed at future ECCL monthly meetings.


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