The ECCL taught Junior Achievement (JA) classes in April/May of 2022 to 63 seniors at Estero High School and 55 students in 8th grade at Three Oaks Middle School. Personal Financial Management was the subject taught by three (3) volunteers at the high school totaling over 20 classroom hours. There were 18 sessions on “Economics for Success” for 8th graders conducted by four volunteers at Three Oaks Middle School.

In November / December of 2021, six (6) volunteers spent 50 hours in 8th-grade classes on “Economics for Success.”  Approximately 117 students participated.

While this school year’s limited program was effective for the participating students, the COVID Omicron variant, unfortunately, prevented the ECCL from returning to schools with the full JA schedule.

The ECCL is hopeful the pandemic will remain under control through the fall and into 2023, so we can implement a more extensive JA program. The JA program is considered an essential addition to the school program by teachers, pupils, and parents.

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