For the last few months, Lee Health Coconut Point has welcomed thousands of patients. “These are visits and appointments that used to happen elsewhere and members of the community would have to travel 30 minutes or even longer than that to access these services,” said Alex Greenwood, Vice President Lee Health Coconut Point.

Already, the facility has cared for more than 5,000 patients needing emergency care. “That’s about 1,300 visits per month. We’ve seen 8,000 appointments in our Lee Physician Group practice. Forty thousand diagnostic tests within our labs and imaging areas, so we are really excited and proud of what we have done so far,” said Greenwood.

Complete with surgical services, outpatient services, rehabilitation, pediatric care, primary care, and cardiac and orthopedic care—the new location is working to meet all the needs of this community. “A fundamentally guiding principle for us honestly was to provide access to world-class health and wellness services at this location, and I think we have been extremely successful,” he said.

But the 163,000 square foot facility is not done growing yet—downstairs, the Healthy Life Center will be adding more programs and cooking demonstrations as well as nutrition classes and a summer camp for kids.

“We will be adding a surgical optimization center up in the physician practice, which basically is focused on improving the health of patients scheduled for surgery before their case, which helps to keep their post-surgical complications minimal,” said Greenwood.

Nationally compared to other programs, the Lee Health Coconut Point facility is ranked in the 90th percentile in almost every department. Meeting the expectation and growing need of the community.

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