The rezoning application for this proposed limerock mine is currently before the Lee County Zoning Examiner and has again been extended to April 24 at 9 AM. The Examiner is hearing testimony as to whether zoning for this 4,205 acre parcel should be changed from agricultural, which the land is presently, to industrial in order for a new limerock mine to be operated. The officer will then issue a report either recommending adoption or rejection of the applicant’s request to rezone. If approved ultimately by the Lee County Board of County Commissioners, this will be a HUGE mine operating for many years. It is estimated that up to 2,400 one-way truck trips per day could be generated.

This proposed project presents significant environmental, hydrological, and transportation concerns to residents in the Corkscrew Road corridor and east Lee County. There is a strong possibility that hundreds of additional sand trucks will use Corkscrew Road daily to access Interstate 75. Lee County’s own Land Development Code (Ch. 34) states “Mining operations, by their very nature, are incompatible with most other uses.” Mining brings with it blasting, noise, trucks, dust, and more.

In order for one to speak before the Lee County Board of County Commissioners at a later meeting where the recommendation will either be accepted or rejected by our five commissioners, one must first speak before the zoning examiner on Tuesday, April 24 at 9 AM at 1500 Monroe Street, Downtown Fort Myers, where there is free parking.

The News-Press article below gives general information about the mine.
If you want more information on how to speak at the Zoning Hearing, please, use the form below to contact us.

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