Over the past few weeks, the ECCL has taken the initiative on proposing a small “Veterans Community Pocket Park” in Estero. Several local organizations, including members of the Estero “Village” Council, expressed their interest and support for this initiative.

The purpose of the “Veterans Community Pocket Park” is to have an area for relaxation, contemplation and maybe a picnic, in a pleasant attractive location where veterans, their families and children can enjoy some time to reflect on the services provided by our veterans. It is not intended to be a memorial park, but will be a place to read, contemplate, enjoy the ambience and the various flags representing different branches of the military and Coast Guard.

After speaking to the teachers at Estero High School, they considered the idea to be great project for their students to become involved with. 20 students prepared their drawings all of which were examined by Estero residents in an online survey executed by the ECCL. Congratulations to all who took part for their enthusiasm, commitment and their excellent work. 

A total of 504 residents evaluated all the designs prepared. Each questionnaire was unique due to the randomization of order the designs were presented.

The results of the survey are as follows:

Slide One: High School Pocket Park Design Winners: L to R: Luis “Tony” Garrido, Kyle Gallagher (2nd Place), Callee Akehurst, Evan Carville and Digital Design Instructor Norm Heyboer. (Not present for picture was Gracie Goll, 1st Place)

Slide Two: Gracie Goll with her first place award.

Slide Three: Community supporters showed up to praise the design winners.

Front Row Student Award Winners left to right:   Luis “Tony” Garrido, Kyle Gallagher (2nd Place), Callee Akehurst and Evan Carville.  (Gracy Goll, 1st Place, not present for picture.)

Behind them Left to Right: Norm Heyboer, Estero High School Digital Design Instructor; Sally Ricciardelli, ECCL Board Member; Allan Bowditch, ECCL Chief Communications Officer, Jim Shields, ECCL Board Member; Chris Patricca, Lee County School Board; John Quin, ECCL Chief Financial Officer; Judy Hammond, ECCL Co-ordinator of Project; Mark Novitski, ECCL Chief Operating Officer; Barry Freedman, ECCL Chief Membership Dev. Officer; Jim Gilmartin, ECCL President; Chris Simoneau, ECCL Board Member.