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Engage Estero needs your help supporting the Right to Clean Water Florida constitutional amendment before time runs out.

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How do I Help?

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In order to be on the ballot, the amendment must receive a set number of signatures from Florida registered voters. Click for petition information.


The movement is attempting to reach as many residents as possible. Your donation can assist. Click for more donation information.


Spread the word on your social media, in your community newsletters, and by writing letters to the editor of your newspaper. 


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What Is It?

The Right to Clean and Healthy Waters is a grass-roots movement to get a Constitutional Amendment on the ballot for the State of Florida. This amendment:

creates a fundamental right to clean and healthy waters, clarifies prohibited actions and inactions that harm (or threaten to harm) waters, and defines important terms. It also allows Floridians to enforce this right through the ability to sue state executive agencies that violate this right, empowering courts to look at the science and truth (and not politics) of what’s going on before awarding equitable relief to the situation.”

Why is this Necessary?

“It has become clear that the current system of water protection has failed; the state executive branch is not enforcing clean water legislation according to environmental laws, legislative intent and constitutional policy. Although a right to clean water already exists by statute, it defers too much to state executive agencies to guard against harm. The proof of dysfunction frequently makes national news, with routine harmful algal blooms, fish and wildlife mortality events and public notices of pathogenic or toxic contamination of our waters. It’s not okay. People suffer, wildlife suffers, property values suffer, businesses suffer, communities suffer. Waiting for political solutions in a system that favors pollution industries financing those politics – is a fool’s game. We need a clear, simple, legal solution to restore the necessary checks and balances for such a critical necessity to all lives – water.”

Voices of Florida


Additional Partner Organizations to Follow for Water Quality Information.

Calusa Waterkeeper

Calusa Waterkeeper, Inc. is a local non-profit organization which conducts testing and sampling, reviews and advises on legislation, and educates about our home waters.

Conservancy of SWFL

For nearly 60 years, the Conservancy of Southwest Florida has been a leading environmental advocacy organization dedicated to protecting the water, land, wildlife and future of our five-county area. They facilitate contacting legislators on important votes.


VoteWater is a grassroots organization founded by residents on the belief that stopping the damaging discharges to our coasts and restoring the Everglades is not a science or engineering problem. Our problem is a political problem – and it requires a political solution.

FGCU water School

FGCU Water School

The health of waterways impacts surrounding ecosystems, regional and state economies and people who rely on water for life and leisure. By taking a leadership role in this vital arena, FGCU acts as a catalyst for change in our community and throughout the world.

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