The Village of Estero is Planning to Conduct a Comprehensive Traffic Study

Engage Estero is pleased to inform you that an Estero Village-Wide Traffic Study is included in the Fiscal Year 2023-2024 Budget. The Village advertised the Village-Wide Traffic Study on July 18th; responses are due by August 10th.

by Allan Bowditch, Engage Estero’s Chief Communications Officer

The Village Management will consider which company to select and finalize the contract over the next few months. The selection of the firm/contract will require Village Council approval.

Following a range of questions raised by the public about future traffic studies, Engage Estero reached out to the Village Management to seek clarification on these issues. Because of their importance, Engage Estero has included the Village Management’s response to each question below.   

Q1. Will the proposed traffic study include all proposed developments in Estero?

  • “The study will include estimates for development on vacant parcels.”

Q2. Will the study consider developments outside the village boundary, e.g., East Corkscrew, Ben Hill Griffin, The Bayview Development, now Saltleaf CDD (west end of Corkscrew), etc.?

  • “Yes, the study will consider areas outside Estero.”

Q3. Will the study consider peak traffic density that already exists between Jan and May?

  • “Yes.”

Q4. Will workers and services entering the Village during the day be included?

  • “All trips will be included in the report.”

Q5. Will it be repeated in 4-5 years?

  • “It will be updated as needed generally, around 5 years.”

Q6. Will the traffic survey include the connectivity of bike and pedestrian walkways?

  • “The traffic study will not focus on Bike/Ped connectivity. But will assess bicycle safety, especially at intersections. Bike/Ped connectivity is assessed in the Bike/Ped Master Plan. The Bike/Ped Master Plan was completed in 2019. The 5-year CIP includes an update in 2025-2026.”

Q7. What will be the scope of the investigation – will it include specific recommendations on how the proposed traffic density can be reduced?

  • “The intent of the report is to identify any issues and provide recommendations to improve traffic flow and safety.”

Q8. How will the results be communicated to residents?

  • “The project will include public input. While the scope isn’t complete, it will likely include a few public meetings during the project as well as public meetings to discuss the report at Village Council meetings.”

Q9. Regarding bike path connectivity, a separate study focusing on bicycle and pedestrian connectivity should be championed. For example, we must determine if the Florida Seminole trail could improve residents’ travel experience despite increased road traffic.

  • “Bicycle and pedestrian connectivity are covered in the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. The first master plan was completed in 2019. The 5-year Capital Improvement Plan includes an update for 2025-2026. The Lee County MPO also recently completed a study on the rail/trail project.”

Engage Estero would like to thank Village of Estero Councilperson George Zalucki and Village Management for their help and guidance on this critical issue for Estero’s residents. Given the holistic nature of the proposed traffic study, we hope that the information will help reduce many concerns.

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