The Viral Trifecta is Here:

What Should You Do About It?

The viral trifecta, COVID-19, FLU, and RSV is in our midst. Before you decide, what to do about it please discuss it with your health care provider.  Here are some of the known facts:

Written by Robert P. Belin, M.D. Member of Engage Estero’s Health Council & Chairman, & Health and Wellness Breckenridge

  1. All three viruses have available vaccines.
  2. First year RSV vaccine is available while the other two are updated versions.
  3. These vaccines will either prevent or at least mitigate illness.
  4. No available mask (including the N-95) will filter a virus.

    However, masks are effective in preventing and or reducing the aerolization of sputum carrying viruses.

Paxlovid (the antiviral prescription medication) administered early with Covid symptoms may shorten and or lessen the severity of the disease. But rebound (recurrence of symptoms) is a real phenomenon and it may be more common after Paxlovid administration. Covid has surged recently with the majority of hospitalization occurring in the over 70 population.

The late summer surge has health officials worried. It’s thought to be due to the highly contagious variant. Currently, the exact prevalence of COVID is unknown because of the lack of reporting, self- testing and denial. Comorbidities (existing heart and or lung disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, previous stroke, A-fib, compromised immunity, obesity, age), to name a few, increase the severity of all three viruses. 

In summary:

Each year, it is estimated by the CDC, that 110,000 seniors in the U.S. are hospitalized, thousands will die from flu, and 8,000 will die due to RSV infection!  Adults at greatest risk are those previously identified. Therefore, the CDC highly recommends that you receive this fall not only the updated booster for Covid but also the updated vaccine for flu as well as the new RSV vaccine (for those over 65).  Note, all three can be administered simultaneously (however, based on my own personal experience, I don’t recommend it!).

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