Ever wonder why the traffic seems to be getting worse on Corkscrew Rd east of Ben Hill Griffin? The below chart identifies the current homes built and occupied, and the potential homes to be built in the next 5 years.

The Phase I expansion/widening of Corkscrew Rd (Ben Hill Griffin to Bella Terra Blvd) will help when completed in the next few years. Phase II expansion/widening (Bella Terra Blvd east to Alico Rd) will help those residents and truckers transiting through Estero to I-75. A traffic light at Corkscrew Rd and Alico is in the Phase II plan.

The Transportation Council reviews and submits recommendations on transportation issues addressed by the Village Council at their meetings. The ECCL will continue to monitor and recommend traffic roundabouts and traffic lights on Corkscrew Rd.

Table with data on homes on Corkscrew Road by neighborhood