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Safety Council

Engage Estero Safety Council is made of volunteers serving as a voice for the citizens of greater Estero on safety and transportation priorities and issues. We advocate for related solutions to Village, County, and State Government organizations.

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Driving Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility!

Driving Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility!

One of the major causes of vehicular accidents is distracted driving. We have entered the “100 Deadliest Days” - the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day when fatal teen crashes increase dramatically. Parents are the best line of defense to ensure a safe ride!...

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Corkscrew Road: What is going on, and when?

Corkscrew Road: What is going on, and when?

Corkscrew Road: What is going on, and when? (Written by Mark Novitski, Consultant to Engage Estero) Updated May 2024 Corkscrew Road Updates Corkscrew Road Widening – Jump to: Ben Hill Griffin to the East side of Bella Terra East side of Bella Terra to Alico Road Three...

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Environment Council

Engage Estero Environment Council is a volunteer group focusing on improving water and air quality and mitigating and eliminating the effects of climate warming in greater Estero.

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Health Council

Engage Estero Community Health Council comprises health* and safety-minded volunteers who think about community health comprehensively with a common desire to improve the overall health of the citizens of greater Estero.

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The “Skinny” On Obesity

The “Skinny” On Obesity

By Robert P. Belin, M.D. Chairperson, Health and Wellness Breckenridge, Golf and Tennis Club, and member of Engage Estero’s Health Council For the first time, the FDA has approved medication for weight loss! So, why is this important and in the news non-stop? It’s...

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Education Council

Engage Estero mobilizes volunteers in our schools, sponsors scholarships, and promotes the involvement of the community through announcements and public forums.

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Updates on Issues of Impact

Engage Estero believes the best way to get a community involved is to make sure they are aware of the issues impacting their future, and know how to impact those decisions before they are made. We conduct and publish original research and articles aimed at getting residents Engaged.

How You Can Impact the Future of Greater Estero

Development | Traffic | Planning

Engage Estero, an all-volunteer, nonpolitical, nonprofit Community Engagement Association, believes there is a critical need to look closely at the collective impact on traffic because of Estero’s current and projected planned and potential developments.

by the Engage Estero Safety Council and Communications Committee


1. Background
2. Impact
3. How to Help


Coconut Road was built before the Coconut Point Mall opened in 2006. The mall is an example of mixed-use development, which could include any combination of housing, office, retail, medical, recreational, commercial, or industrial components.

Coconut Road serves The Brooks Communities, The Colony, Meadowbrook, El Dorado, Pelican Landing, and Pebble Point. It is a local east-west/west-east corridor to the mall, US41, or further west to the Hyatt Hotel and Raptor Bay Golf Course.


Now, new developments on the west side of US 41 on the two-lane section of Coconut Road are being proposed that will significantly impact the area. This will be in addition to those communities already located on the west side of Coconut Road, such as Meadowbrook, El Dorado, The Colony, Estero Place, Pelican Landing, The Hyatt, and The Hyatt Residence Club.

The infrastructure needed for these new developments (the Woodfield Development (NW corner of US41 and Coconut Road and Saltleaf CDD west end of Coconut Road), such as road and path upgrades, water and sewage lines, electricity, and lighting, etc., requires urgent attention. Coconut Road is the only evacuation route for current and future residents along the western side of Coconut Road. It will pose a serious risk to residents if a solution is not found soon.

map of communities on septic systems

Engage Estero is aware of the Village Management’s plan to conduct a Traffic Study either later this year or next. It will be essential to ensure the Study includes the impact of the various planned developments on our roads, especially those occurring on or with access to US41. Given the concerns expressed by many Estero residents, the traffic study should be completed as soon as possible.   

The development involving LB Raptor Investments, LLC (which will become Saltleaf CDD), located on approximately 197.69 acres of land north of the western end of Coconut Road, comes under the jurisdiction of both Lee County and the City of Bonita Springs. It will involve 803 residential dwelling units.

Given the additional impact this will have on Coconut Road, which is under Estero Village’s control, it will be highly one-sided if there is no contribution from Lee County and Bonita Springs for road improvements to Coconut Road. The Village leadership is asking Lee County and Bonita Springs to help finance necessary Coconut Road improvements to respond to its likely increased use.     

What can you do?

Take a Short Survey

Estero citizens have asked Engage Estero to inform residents about developments planned for Estero. Please take a moment to answer the following questions. We will present your views to the Village Management and Council. Please share this information with your friends and neighbors. 

Monitor Village Meetings

1) Subscribe to the Village emails which post alerts and summaries of all Village Council and Planning, Zoning and Design Board meetings.

2) Submit e-comments about meeting agenda items.

3) Attend and ask to speak at Village meetings.

  Be Informed,
Get Engaged,
and Make an Impact!