In 1990 Lee County and the State of Florida agreed to zone all the county east of Estero as:

Density Reduction…
Groundwater Resource…area

The name tells it all.

Density Reduction: Because Lee County has two of the largest pre-platted and largely unbuilt, communities in Florida…Cape Coral and Lehigh Acres …without any development in the DR/GR, the County’s build-out population is about 1,300,000, nearly double our present population approaching 700,000. Thus the County and the State then established a maximum development of 1 housing unit per 10 acres of uplands and 1 unit per 20 acres of wetlands.

Groundwater Resource:
Lee County and Bonita Springs Utilities have about 250 water wells in the DRGR that supply a sizeable majority of the fresh water used by Lee County residents every day. The vast wetlands in the DRGR slow down, clean and store the rainwater and the water flowing from central Florida so that the aquifers are recharged and that the water flowing downstream into Bonita Springs and Estero is cleaner and doesn’t flood our rivers and streams and doesn’t Further pollute Estero Bay.

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