2021 ECCL Scholarship Awardees

2021 Scholarship Awardees

Group photo:  Left to right:  Mike Wasson, Blake Chapman, Pamela Mueller, recipient Brian Robinson, Gail Langner, recipient Mary Sue Burun, Vicki Risko and Mark Novitski. 

ECCL, Estero Historical Society, and Estero Chamber of Commerce presented scholarships totaling $3000 to Students Brian Robinson and Mary Sue Burun on May 4th, 2021, at the Estero High School Awards Ceremony.

This ceremony is the first year for the Estero Community Scholarship awards, but the three Estero area organizations plan to make this an annual event for graduating seniors.  A scholarship of $1000 each was available from each organization.  Students submitted essays on “Governance,” “Estero History,” or “Estero Business” for blind judging by ten representatives from the three organizations. 

Mary Sue Burun won the $1000 Scholarship from the Estero Historical Society.  Brian Robinson won a $1000 Scholarship from the ECCL for his essay on “Governance” and a second $1000 Scholarship from the Estero Chamber of Commerce for a separate essay on “Estero Business.” Congratulations to these students and to all the students that participated by submitting essays.

Judges commented it was difficult to pick winners as the essays were all well done. Below are pictures showing the award checks being presented to students by area representatives.

The three community organizations conceived the idea in October of 2020.  Each organization provided the money for the scholarships.  With input from School District Board member Chris Patricca, each organization received permission from Principal Mike Amabile. They worked with Ms. Terri Hensley, the Estero High School College, and Career Counselor, on the details and dates.  Essay requirements were open, other than a maximum of two pages.  Students were encouraged to use their writing skills, creativity, and perspective to write the essays.

Judges were Brian Hurwitz, Ramona Novitski, Mike Wasson, Victoria Risko, Dr. Marino Alvarez, Allan Bowditch, Gretchen Wright, Nolen Rollins, Pamela Mueller, and Rosalyn Gula.  The essays were judged blindly, meaning student names did not appear with the essays for judging.  Victoria Risko compiled the scoring and worked with Estero High School Staff to obtain the following photos of the presentation.

Governance Scholarship 2021

History Scholarship

Gail Langner, EHS President (on left), and Vicki Risko, EHS Education Chair, presented the Estero $1,000 “History Scholarship” on behalf of the Estero Historical Society to Mary Sue Burun. 


Governance Scholarship 2021

Governance Scholarship

Mark Novitski, ECCL COO (on left) and Mike Wasson, ECCL Education Council Chair presented the Estero $1,000 “Governance Scholarship” on behalf of the Estero Council of Community Leaders to Brian Robinson.

Business Scholarship 2021

Business Scholarship

Blake Chapman, Estero Chamber Board Chair (on left), and Pamela Mueller, Estero Chamber President & CEO (in center), presented the Estero $1,000 “Business Scholarship” on behalf of the Estero Chamber of Commerce to Brian Robinson (on right). 

Estero Chamber of Commerce