The Adopt A Highway Program Has Been Re-Commenced Keeping Estero Looking Beautiful. Want to help?

Engage Estero’s Adopt a Highway group of volunteers has embarked on a new season working with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to help clean Hwy 41 between the Vines entrance (Breckenridge Road) north of Walmart and south of Coconut Road.

This is Engage Estero’s 4th season participating in FDOT’s Adopt a Highway program. We organize teams monthly to clear Estero’s section of Highway 41 during snowbird season. In addition, over fifty businesses and communities participate in the mission to optimize Estero’s environmental health and beauty through the Adopt a Highway and Adopt a Road program through FDOT, Lee County, and the Village of Estero. Many neighbors regularly pick up litter and debris on their walks through our greater community, making a significant difference to our Estero community.

If you want to help, make a difference in our environment, and help clean up our roads, please email Julie Yellig at Julie can put you in touch with any groups that help clear up our road network and explain how to help with the Hwy 41 Adopt a Highway program.

Last weekend, our volunteers collected 740 pounds of bagged litter. Volunteers this month were represented by those who live in Rapallo, Grandezza, Riverwoods, Pelican Sound, Bella Terra, Copperleaf, The Vines, and Meadows of Estero.

Jim Gilmartin, President Engage Estero, our Board of Directors, and the Executive Management Team appreciate these dedicated volunteers’ commitment.

Marathon/Dos Amigos Authentic Mexican Grill is our water and ice provider again this season; they have supported our volunteers since the beginning of our program, for which our volunteers and Engage Estero are very grateful.

These efforts are making a significant difference in our community’s beauty and environmental health.

Engage Estero also posts these details on its Facebook page. If you want to write a personal message of thanks to these admirable volunteers, please go to your Facebook page, type in “Engage Estero,” and then “share.” You can view this article and other topics. If you press “like” and write a short message, we know the volunteers would appreciate your comments.

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