Estero Bay

After three years of negotiation with Bonita’s Zoning and Planning Office and the Bonita Springs Council, London Bay Homes was given the “green light” at Wednesday’s (October 21st) council meeting to proceed with their Bayview development at the western end of Coconut Road near the Hyatt Hotel. The ECCL offers congratulations and a successful conclusion of the project.

To be clear, the ECCL has never been opposed to the planned Bayview development. During the last two years, the ECCL has only advocated on behalf of residents and boaters in our area who expressed a desire for convenient access to an important local recreational amenity – Estero Bay.

ECCL representatives discussed boater’s desires with senior London Bay managers and expressed our views at:

  • The Bonita Springs planning office
  • The London Bay “Town Hall” presentations
  • The Planning and Zoning Meetings earlier this year
  • The recent Bonita Springs Council Meeting

Despite the best efforts of the ECCL’s team of Allan Bowditch, Irv Nathanson, and the late Bob King, we were not successful in overcoming the single boat ramp sticking point.

But to their credit, London Bay Homes did listen to boaters and made several significant changes to their initial plans:

  • They made special provision for paddleboarders and kayakers to launch their boards and kayaks in a separate location with easy water access away from the boat ramp
  • They significantly improved the design of the staging area for parking boat trailers
  • They increased the parking for boat trailers on-site from 10 to 15
  • They improved the moorings where boats could be secured when launching or returning to the area
  • They enhanced the opportunity to come and look at the sunset
  • They widened the single ramp to 18 ft
  • They agreed that the access to Estero Bay would be in perpetuity

Although disappointed that we were not successful in increasing the single boat ramp to two, we appreciate the changes made and wish them success going forward.

Thank you for your support in our advocacy efforts.