Greater Estero Community Report: Qtr 3 2021

East Corkscrew Road Development and Growth

Most of you will be aware of the continued developments along East Corkscrew Road. The new developments outside the Estero Village boundary, include WildBlue, The Place, Verdana, Corkscrew Shores, FFD Farms, and Corkscrew Estates. ECCL’s activities are not confined to only the Estero Village itself.

The ECCL’s Safety and Transportation team advocated for bringing forward the start of road widening on this bustling road. The first phase of work has already begun (this section is largely within the Village boundary). This initial phase will take up to 2024 to reach Bella Terra.

The expansion to Alico Road (not under the Estero Village control) is planned to be completed by 2025. Unfortunately, the existing two-lane road from Alico Road further east along East Corkscrew is only now being considered and may take years to implement. The ECCL believes that this section also requires widening at the earliest opportunity.

The ECCL was instrumental in improving traffic flow and access to several communities (WildBlue in East Estero and Bella Terra in particular) by advocating for matching up the entrances and proposing traffic lights that are now in place. Suggestions relating to water flow have also been addressed.  

We will work with the Estero Village Council, developers, environmentalists, and the Lee County Commissioners to ensure that existing residents and those who plan to live in these very beautifully designed communities have an infrastructure to support them. At the same time, we will respect our water supply from the underground aquafers and endangered wildlife.

Without a balanced approach, the anticipated influx of people to the area will not happen. Who will want to spend hours in traffic trying to get to the West’s shops, banks, schools, and major highways? But, if these developments do not consider the protection of the wetlands, the DR/GR (Density Reduction/Groundwater Resource), and critical wildlife habitats, then a backlash from the many conservation-orientated organizations and the public is inevitable.

We must get agreement from all focused on making communities along East Corkscrew Road another desirable part of the greater Estero area. The ECCL has a track record of helping to improve our quality of life in our local communities, and with your help and support, we believe we can achieve an amicable solution for all.