Ghost Walk

Koreshan State Park

Stroll past restored buildings from a bygone era and watch reenactors perform scenes from their lives before, during, and after the Koreshans settled in Southwest Florida. Six performances nightly starting… Continue Reading Ghost Walk

Koreshan Music Salon

This new chamber music series, Koreshan Music Salon, carries on the traditions of its former decade-long, consistently sold-out run as the Estero Concert Series. This new series will feature Naples… Continue Reading Koreshan Music Salon

Medieval-Renaissance Art & Music

A sampling of the extraordinary culture and history of the Middle Ages through the 16th century from Gregorian Chants to DaVinci.

Wildland Fire: Shaping Florida’s Landscape

Join a Koreshan State park ranger and prescribed fire manager to discover the origins of prescribed fire and the role it plays in shaping Florida's natural environment.

Coconut Point Art Festival

Festival-goers are invited to stroll amidst life-size sculptures, spectacular paintings, one-of-a-kind jewels, photography, ceramics and more from the 200+ exhibitors.