Junior Achievement Program Seeking Volunteers

Village of Estero is working with Lee District School Board & Administrative staff, and ECCL Outreach Council to introduce a comprehensive JA Program for Estero-area schools.  This will include JA Lesson Plan programs being delivered in all Estero-area elementary, middle, and high schools.          


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Here is How It Works

Educators invite Junior Achievement into their classrooms (K – 12) because JA Volunteer Mentors with well-designed JA Lesson Plan program materials offer educators an exciting experiential-learning environment that gives students a real-world perspective. JA program content supports curriculum standards to help students achieve educator’s learning objectives. Overall, educators also found that JA programs have a positive impact on students.

Students who complete the required set of JA lesson plans earn a JA Certificate. For Volunteer Mentors, it is an unforgettable experience. Volunteer Mentors experience the energy and excitement from this very engaging process. Educators and schools benefit from students learning economics through Junior Achievement programs.

  • JA Volunteer Mentors are recruited and trained;
  • Teacher and JA schedule dates and times arranged
    compatibly for Volunteer Mentor and the school;
  • Volunteer Mentor teaches 5-7 individual Lessons Plans (50-
    minute class, depending on Grade Level);
  • Teacher remains in classroom during each 50-minute class
    to assist and maintain decorum.

How can you help?

VOLUNTEER to empower and inspire our local youth! ECCL Outreach Council is looking for volunteers to become planners, Career Day Speakers, classroom experiential Volunteer Mentors, and advocacy recruiters. There are no hard and fast qualifications. If you can volunteer for any of these roles in helping Estero-area students and schools you are invited to participate. Time commitment can be what fits your schedule. As you know, working with the kids can be a most rewarding and memorable experience for both the students and you.

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To learn more, contact Jim Shields (jimshields@fl-office.com)

JA Volunteers help make school relevant and fun, which means students are more likely to become contributing, successful members of their communities. As volunteers share their real-world experiences while presenting JA Lesson Plan materials, they help students bridge the gap between what they learn at school and what they can expect in the world of work. A majority of volunteers declare that JA programs make an impact on students’ lives.

Here is what teachers had to say …

  • 81% said that students developed or improved their problem-solving skills by participating in JA.
  • 88% responded favorably to this Statement, “JA curriculum reflects the state’s educational standards.”
  • 93% reported, “JA curriculum connects what students learn in the classroom with the outside world and their future.”